Entourage Great Gatsby

Part 6: Gatsby

With the release of Gatsby, Vincent Chase was back on easy street. “I think that was huge for him,” said Ellin. “I think for Vince, he would’ve worked with Scorsese on anything no matter what it was.” It worked. The Scorsese film opened with $37.8 million and the offers were pouring in for new movies – $9 million, $10 million, $12 million. Chase agreed to play Enzo Ferrari in a Ferrari biopic for Frank Darabont but production was pushed back several months because of weather. To kill the time, he got paid $4 million to provide the voice of a dog in a new animated film. He also had to get his drivers license for the first time in his life. Yes, things were great for Vincent Chase as he shot off to Italy to shoot Ferrari, but as usual, things were about to change again.

Entourage Nick Cassavetes

Part 7: The Accident

By the time we caught up with Vincent Chase again, Ferrari was in the can. “I think Ferrari was probably a modest success,” said Ellin. “Critically acclaimed, modest success. And probably a disappointment that he wasn’t nominated for anything.” He followed it up with an untitled action film directed by Nick Cassevetes, which some refer to as The Takeover. While on set, the director begged Chase to do a massive car stunt himself. Chase didn’t want to do it, knew it was the wrong decision and everyone he trusted advised against it. But this was the new, gung-ho Vincent Chase so he decided to do it. Cassevetes got the footage but Chase was banged up in the crash. This incident would eventually send the actor down a very dark path despite the movie being a success.

“I think that movie came out okay,” Murphy said of the film. “He got his quote. And Cassavetes is a good director. I think that was okay.”

At the junket for Ferrari, Chase told Maria Menounos he hadn’t seen the movie yet and it might suck. Everyone from Murphy down to his publicist couldn’t believe Chase would say such a thing and they found out he was a little zoned out on pain medication. He also cut his hair, which screwed up some reshoots Cassevetes had planned.

A manager colleague of Murphy’s, Scott Lavin, then introduced Chase to Randall Wallace, the writer of Braveheart and director of Secretariat. Wallace told Chase he was about to direct a brand new superhero film from the mind of Stan Lee and written by David Benioff called Airwalker. Chase didn’t want to do another superhero film, but he figured he’d look into it. A meeting was set up with Wallace and Lee but Chase showed up high and with his new girlfriend, porn star Sasha Grey. This did not go over well with Wallace, and things got even worse when Chase got drunk on a new tequilla his buddy and driver, Turtle, was trying to sell. Chase drunkenly endorsed the product and the video of him, drunk, with Grey, leaked online, just as Chase got an offer for $12 million plus back end to star in Airwalker.

Chase agreed to meet with Wallace again to smooth out any problems. However, again, Chase showed up high – this time on cocaine – because he’d been out all night. This forced the studio to insist Chase take a drug test, which no one was happy with. He swore to Murphy, the head of the studio and others that he was clean and they all believed him. Everyone backed Chase so hard, in fact, Randall Wallace exited the project. Thankfully, Gold was friendly with Peter Berg and got him a meeting with Chase. They hit it off and it looked like Airwalker was back on track. That was, until, Chase broke up Grey, went on a bender, moved into the Roosevelt Hotel, got into a fight with Eminem and was arrested for narcotics possession.

Entourage Finale

Chapter 8: Redemption

Months passed and Chase was about to get out of rehab. Airwalker was still waiting for him, but Chase got passionate about a film telling the story of some Chilean miners. He even wanted to direct it, but everyone around him felt the idea was more a fitting for Lifetime. Finally, Chase agreed and felt like it might be something to develop for his brother, fellow actor Johnny “Drama” Chase.

Chase and Murphy brought another recovering addict, Billy Walsh, on to help with the film, but he got inspired and decided to make another project for the elder Chase: a cartoon named Johnny Bananas. Meanwhile, Vincent Chase was forced to take another drug test before shooting on Airwalker began. He passed, but only with the help of a fake penis, since he’d smoked weed a few days before.

By this point, the ups and downs of Vincent Chase were the thing of legend. Vanity Fair wanted to do a profile. During his interview, the actor fell in love with the reporter, Sophia, and flew off to Paris to marry her, friends in tow.

Meanwhile Gold, who recently quit his job to save his marriage, got the call of the lifetime – would he like to run a studio?

Entourage Movie Murphy

Chapter 9: The Future

Which is where the story of Vincent Chase is now. Gold’s first project as studio head is Hyde, and Chase is directing. (In her final act of mercy during their failed 8-day marriage, Sophia told Vince to kill Airwalker). “I think this, again, is Vince taking a risk that is very dangerous,” said Ellin. ”Coming in I think he knows that Ari knows good material, but once he’s saying ‘I’m gonna go direct,’ that’s a whole different thing. You can either become Kevin Costner or Mel Gibson or you can just destroy your entire career.”

Will this be the film that puts Vincent Chase and his friends back on top? Or will it be the final nail in a coffin of a career that’s had more comebacks than not. Time will tell but as you’ve read above, Chase definitely has a knack for coming out on top.

(This has been a recap of Vincent Chase’s career over the course of Entourage, the TV show. The film version opens June 3)

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