To prepare for In The Name of the Father, Daniel Day-Lewis slept in an abandoned jail and ate only prison rations. Lewis is the consummate method actor, a man whose commitment to his craft is so total that it boggles the mind and wins admiration from critics everywhere. I’ve always admired method actors and the stamina it takes to completely immerse oneself in a role.

To the list of renowned method actors, we can now add the beautiful Rachelle Lefevre. At the Comic Con Twilight roundtable on Thursday, Lefevre and Robbert Pattinson were asked how they approached their characters. In Twilight, Lefevre will play Victoria, a cat-like vampire that’s one of the bad guys. Lefevre responded to the question by explaining that she looked at the character’s portrayal in the book. The essence of her character?

Pure evil, pure instinct, pure malice, and very feline. So, I watched a lot of lion attacks on Youtube, and then, it’s really embarrasing, but a friend of mine went to drama school and suggested it and I did it and it was great: For an hour a day, as we got closer to filming, I was a cat in my apartment…because I’m sort of clutzy and I was like, “If I don’t put that in my body, it will just read false”…So for me, the physical part was really big, and then I just gave myself permission to follow every nasty impulse I could possibly have.

There you have it folks – even if you’re not impressed with the overall efforts of these relatively young actors for the upcoming sure-to-be-a-monster-hit film, you definitely can’t fault them for trying damn hard to get it right.

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