Kellan Lutz is a Treasure

We learned Lutz had a good sense of humor when he played himself in an episode of 30 Rock as John Lutz’ nephew. He’s always been good-natured with fans, making him a lovable staple in the fandom. That being said, Kellan made a surprising impression during the panel that the audience won’t soon forget.

At one point, he compared Twilight’s central love story to his recent marriage, admitting he can now relate to Edward and Bella because he knows what it’s like to have someone in your life that you can’t live without. The audience ate this up, even those of us who aren’t easily duped by romance (me!).

During the audience Q&A, someone brought up the time Lutz did push-ups on Ellen back in 2012. They shyly asked if he’d demonstrate his strength again, and he gave us a live show without hesitation. Boy oh boy, did the crowd go wild.

The panelists also agreed to engage in a “Fortnite” dance with a small child and Lutz bent down to tie the little lad’s shoes. This was, without a doubt, the most adorable thing I have ever seen happen at a con panel.

Basically, if you weren’t an Emmett fan back in the Twilight mania days, this panel would have changed your mind.

Robert Pattinson Doesn’t Hate Twilight Anymore

It’s no secret that R-Patz wasn’t a fan of the Twilight experience. He had to endure the fan madness, relationship drama with his co-star, and just wanted to be taken seriously as an actor. There’s even a hilarious compilation video of him having openly negative views on the franchise.

After some reflection, it appears Pattinson has changed his tune and now sees his Twilight time as a positive experience. He even joked to E News! that he’d be up for another one.

If you weren’t aware of this recent revelation (I certainly wasn’t), you about fell off your chair when Edward Cullen himself Skyped into the panel on Sunday. He made everyone in the audience melt with the casual heartthrob attitude that made him such a mega star. Unfortunately (but also hilariously), the tech wasn’t quite up to snuff and most of what he said was lost due to a bad connection.

Luckily, those of us in the audience could hardly be disappointed. It was an amazing surprise and everyone in the crowd had a good laugh whenever Robert couldn’t be understood. He had no idea what was happening and got adorably confused when his heartfelt message was met with laughs. It really captured that Twilight fine line between humor and sentimentality.

Kristen Stewart Hasn’t Changed

While she didn’t Skype in like her former co-star, K-Stew was gracious enough to make a little video for the fans. She’s still just as awkward as ever, but that’s what made her the perfect Bella Swan.

You either love her or hate her, and I’m personally very pro-Stewart. She proved herself as a solid actress during Still Alice and her general ennui attitude will always be adorable.

She said she was “super bumming” that was wasn’t there, which is a classic Stewart statement. Her message did provide some sentiment, though, including the very sweet declaration: “I feel like we all kind of grew up together.”

There were many times during the audience Q&A where someone would say, “Hi I’m so-and-so and 15-year-old-me is freaking out right now.” That was very much the theme of the evening: nostalgia and togetherness.

Twilight Holds Up

Unlike its four predecessors, Twilight never takes itself too seriously. The actors really leaned into the chaotic energy that makes every single moment a delightful part of the journey. When you rewatch the films today, the first one feels like a cult classic that was accidentally given a mainstream audience.

There are a handful of moments that aren’t supposed to be funny, but most of the humor (and there is a lot) is absolutely on purpose. 10 years ago, you may have chalked this up to bad acting or writing, but there is no way there can be that many happy accidents in one film. This movie is incredibly stylized and captivating.

When it comes to the over-the-top dramatic moments, you’re able to enjoy them now because Hardwick made exaggerated choices that the other films didn’t follow. At the time, the odd camera angles and strange blue filters felt bizarre and unnecessary, but those choices are why the movie stands the test of time. It’s still bizarre but it’s joyful and above all, entertaining. Sure, there are some cringey moments, but they were working with some silly source material.

When asked what they would change if the movie were made today, the panelists mostly discussed how they’d wish for a bigger budget. Jackson Rathbone had no qualms about tearing apart the movie’s hairstyles (the wigs truly are appalling), but they ultimately seem very happy with the way it all came together.

It was special watching them chat about how close the cast became while traveling the world together for press tours. It’s clear that no one involved in the Twilight fandom, from the actors to the biggest fans, love it because it’s some revolutionary film. They know what they made and we know why we love it: Twilight was and still is an experience.

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