Let’s start with the most interesting TV news tonight: MTV got to sit down with Gil Grant (24, NCIS:LA), writer of the upcoming Gattaca television series, and managed to get some fascinating info from him. If you were wondering how Andrew Niccol’s film would be adapted to TV, I have two words for you: Police procedural. While it’s far from a unique concept on television, the idea of making one of the cops an Invalid (a person born without the benefit of genetic diagnosis), and another a genetically superior Valid, does seem somewhat inspired.

There’s a reason police procedurals have taken off so much—they’re simply perfectly suited to TV storytelling. It also works well for this particular project because being in a police station will give us an inside glimpse into Gattaca’s society of genetic have and have-nots. Grant is also adding another concept not found in the film, the idea of genetic civil rights (hence the Invalid and Valid cops working together). Integration between the two genetic classes will remain a running theme in the series. When asked if original writer/director Andrew Niccol will be involved with the series, Grant mentioned that’s entirely up to Sony (the license holder).

In other TV news, it looks like ABC is looking to greenlight a pilot for Charlies Angels, which will be written and exec produced by Josh Friedman (who brought Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles to television). Original producer Leonard Goldberg, as well as Drew Barrymore (who starred and produced the 2000 McG version),  are on board as well. There have been many attempts to bring the series back to TV, but it seems like this one may get the furthest.

ABC has also purchased a script for a new sitcom from Howard J. Morris and Jenny Lee, based on their book Women Are Crazy, Men Are Stupid. The series concerns a couple who’ve had a failed marriage, and are looking to get things right a second time. The two have worked on various ABC shows, Morris on In Case of Emergency and According to Jim, and Lee was a writer on Samantha Who.

Last, but not least, we’ll leave you with a bit of Caprica fan service featuring star Alessandra Torresani.


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