We’ve got a bunch of TV news tonight: It appears that Bob Saget is coming back to television with an unscripted travel show entitled “Bob Saget’s Strange Days”. Perhaps tired of just being the disembodied voice of grown-up Ted on How I Met Your Mother, and looking for something different after his failed sitcom Surviving Suburbia, the series will find Saget exploring off-beat portions of American society. The series is apparently an extension of his standup themes involving offbeat people.

Also, a long-lost Star Trek pilot was recently discovered by a devoted German collector and is now coming to the original series’ season 3 Blu-ray on December 15. The alternate pilot, according to the THR Live Feed, is apparently in “three parts with 1970s-style act breaks, an entirely different version of Captain James T. Kirk’s opening monologue (‘But now a new task. A probe out into where no man has gone before’) and music that contrasts from the famous opening theme and an extended action sequence.”

ABC has released a new Lost season 6 poster (via TVOverMind) which features pretty much all of the past and present main characters. Click the poster below for the larger version. Let the obsessive analysis begin! (My theory: It was all the dog’s dream)


THR also reports that AMC’s new remake of The Prisoner has debuted strong at 2.2 million viewers (compared to last week’s Mad Men finale which got 2.3 million). It’s a good start, especially against the Sunday night lineup competition from networks. I haven’t seen the remake yet, but unfortunately reviews haven’t been too favorable.

Finally, we’ve learned from EW’s Ausiello that the upcoming Smallville TV movie, which combines two episodes, “Society” and “Justice”, has been renamed to Smallville: Absolute Justice. Word is that the two episodes will air as a seamless two-hour experience.

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