The Top Ten Most Paused Movie Moments

9. Pacman cameo – Tron (1982) -2%

The year is 1982. Home video games are just becoming super popular and you see a movie as visually stunning as Tron. Then, in a blink, it seems like there’s one of your favorite characters on the screen. Did it actually happen? In the case of Tron, it did and the fact that it happened so long ago was probably a shock to audiences not used to this kind of thing.


10. Nicole Kidman rear-end flash – Eyes Wide Shut (1999) – 1%

Famous, naked women are always pause worthy and this moment in Stanley Kubrick’s final film is certainly one of those. Kidman and Cruise both went all out for the master filmmaker and in a movie with a bunch of nudity, this is definitely one of the most exciting.

Other – 9 %

So, what do you think? Any surprises?

Well there’s no surprise that female nudity accounts for four of the ten places (five if you are creepy and count Jessica Rabbit) plus, of course, there’s a Brad Pitt butt shot. I’m more surprised that the famous Stormtrooper faux-pas made the list, simply because it really has to be seen at full speed to fully enjoy it. Also, it’s crazy that Iron Man 2 (and The Back-Up Plan?!?) made such a strong showing so fast.  Plus, I have to admit, I had never seen the Pac-Man cameo in Tron.

Are there any moments that you paused or currently still pause?

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