The Top Ten Most Paused Movie Moments

5. Jessica Rabbit goes commando – Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) – 6%

Kathleen Turner’s sultry turn as one of, if not the, most sexualized animated characters of all time had plenty of suggestive dialogue, visuals, but none more than this scene where it’s pretty obvious she’s not wearing any underwear. I must admit, this is kind of creepy.


6. Brad Pitt flashes behind doctor in hospital – Fight Club (1999) – 5%

Fight Club, directed by David Fincher based on the novel by Chuck Palahniuk, is filled with pause-worthy moments. Some obvious and some not so much, like this one where Brad Pitt flashes in a hospital. No wonder is probably a favorite with the ladies.

7. Captain America’s shield appears on desk – Iron Man 2 (2010) – 4%

One of the first of the many Easter Eggs linking the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Jon Favreau’s inclusion of Captain America’s shield in Iron Man 2 was super subtle, but very exciting. And it makes sense as we later found out Tony’s father Howard helped create Cap.

8. Dust spells out ‘S.F.X’ – The Lion King (1994) – 3%

Before YouTube, this clip from the Academy Award-winning Disney film was one of the first viral moments. Disney animators were famous for putting in subliminal messages and this one, which looks like the word “Sex,” was widely debated. Personally, I still don’t see it.

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