The Top Ten Most Paused Movie Moments

We’ve all done it. We’re watching a movie and an image flashes by in an instant. Did we really just see that?  So we patiently wait, remote in hand, until the precise second. You click the pause button like the whole remote just suddenly lit on fire and there it is….most likely one of these moments. A subscription based British movie site called LOVEFiLM (basically a European version of Netflix) took votes from their 1.6 million subscribers and came up with the top ten scenes in movies that people pause. And, though Kevin Williamson wrote about it in Scream, Tom Cruise’s penis in All the Right Moves did not make the list.

The data comes from a poll conducted by LOVEFiLM. Many thanks to them. Here’s the list:

The Top Ten Most-Paused Movie Moments:


1. Sharon Stone crossing her legs – Basic Instinct (1992) – 31 %

No surprise here. Paul Verhoeven’s erotic thriller helped make Sharon Stone a super star as her character, the murderous Catherine Tramell, tries to seduce Michael Douglas’ character by briefly flashing her most intimate of areas. The scene has inspired numerous spoofs, references and young male libidos.


2. Jennifer Lopez naked rear – The Back-Up Plan (2010) – 16%

Jennifer Lopez has been a dancer, singer, actress, judge but she’s best known for one thing…her butt. In 2010’s The Back-Up Plan, audiences got a brief, rare glimpse at the superstar’s money maker in all its glory.

3. Stormtrooper bangs his head – Star Wars – Episode IV – A New Hope (1977) – 15%

Star Wars fans know this clip well. George Lucas famously left in this gaffe of a Stormtrooper hitting his head on the Death Star and while you don’t notice it the first see the movie, once you do notice it, it’s all you ever see. Not sure why this is paused – it works better as a clip – but its a hilarious moment.


4. Jamie Lee Curtis flash – Trading Places (1983) – 8%

Scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis was always known for being beautiful but it wasn’t until 1983’s Trading Places that audiences saw her topless. Here’s a famous quote on the subject from the 1996 film Scream:

Breasts? Not until “Trading Places” in 1983. Jamie Lee was always a virgin in horror movies. She didn’t show her tits ’til she went legits.

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