Blake Lively/Ruby Rose

I’m all about badass Blake Lively. Queen was straight fierce in The Shallows and She’s already played a pilot in Green Lantern so it’s not even stretch casting. And Ruby Rose? No one had a more rough-and-tumble 2017 after starring in xXx: Return Of Xander Cage, John Wick: Chapter 2 and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter in 2016. Is there anyone better to ballbust overly dudebro pilots who think they’re God’s gift to the male gender? The more I think about this, the more I want it. Cinema doesn’t need another for-the-boys Top Gun – counterbalance all that hormonal inferiority with these two and score a massive “W.”

Thomas Mann/Jason Mitchell

You can’t get more “rookie” than these clowns, and I kind of like that. Look back at Kong: Skull Island. Thomas Mann and Jason Mitchell play two privates who are thrust into a situation bigger than their collective worlds and reactions are appropriate. Now translate their skittishness to flight school, and you’ve got the bumbling new guys who might get themselves killed without leaders like Maverick. Mann is a master of the blank stare while Mitchell has a quickness about him that only accentuates his partner’s flightiness (pun intended). There’s fun to be had here, without delving into full comedy schtick.

Zac Efron/Michael B. Jordan

Houston, we’ve reached testosterbrone broverload. Imagine the vein-popping, sweat-dripping tests of strength between these two. Arrogance. Fraternal overtones. Zac Efron already showed he’s more than up for a beach-sports showstopper (Baywatch bod), and Michael B. Jordan’s own work in Creed assures much of the same physical dominance. If you’re looking for pilots who think they’re hotter shit than dog poo in a campfire, look no further than two dudes who co-starred in That Awkward Moment. Now get them zipped inside pilot onesies and playing every men-in-uniforms card known to dive bars. I’d be wolly unsurprised if these two actually do get announced as Top Gun: Maverick players.

Donald Glover/LaKeith Stanfield

Atlanta rules, Donald Glover’s stock is skyrocketing and LaKeith Stanfield has been popping up in multiple noteworthy supporting roles (War Machine, Get Out). How could a movie possibly be worse with them? Stanfield piloting, Glover navigating. We can only assuming Glover’s training as young Lando could be utilized in a military-grade aircraft as well, right? These buddies could rise the ranks as either serious pilots or jokey jesters with the same level of success. It’s a lofty compliment I mean with my heart of hearts – what can’t these two do?

Anders Holm/Adam Devine

Anders Holm looks like he was assembled in a Nantucket country club, and Adam Devine is, well, he’s one of the only man-children who could “keep up” with Efron in Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates. Say you do want to make Top Gun 2 a full-blown comedy in hopes of some 21 Jump Street magic. These guys have bumped boners, broed down and pushed into countless danger zones for seven seasons on Workaholics. Maybe with a little more immaturity than would work for Cruise’s second go-around, but slap aviators on these two and tell me it doesn’t work. Holm especially. In the “goofball asshole” world of Top Gun 2 sequels, there’s a beer bong chug-off featuring these two. And Devine is wearing his “Top Gun” hat, because, you know, he’s the Top *Sales* Gun.

Tessa Thompson/Gina Rodriguez

Maybe this is a product of watching Thor: Ragnarok and Annihilation too recently, but our society needs more of this blessed union of souls. Tessa Thompson and Gina Rodriguez could break down the gender wall and leave Cruise’s camp splendidly emasculated. Thompson already proven as a boozin’ space pilot who stole scenes right from under Chris Hemsworth’s now fan-favorite Marvel hero Thor, and Rodriguez a feisty firecracker filled with volcanic levels of spunk. They’d chew you up and spit you out in only a way these two prideful, powerfully empowered wonder women can. Tell me you don’t want to see these two well-deserved talents make a name for female naval pilots on the big screen? Go ahead. I dare you to even try.

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