Saturday Night Live - Tom Hanks

Weekend Update

Weekend Update is certainly being helped by all their political coverage for the time being, but the real test will be once the election is over. Will Colin Jost and Michael Che be able to keep up their newfound chemistry and flow? I certainly hope so. Kudos for the staff for getting a good Cubs joke out there after they won not long before the segment aired.

Leslie Jones on Being Hacked – It’s been awhile since we had a good Leslie Jones segment on Weekend Update, and this one finally offered up some of the commentary we wanted from her about her getting hacked over the summer. Her timing was a little off at first, but then she got into a good rhythm and made this a great segment. And the ending actually had a really great message too.

The Girl at a Party on 2016 Election – This was one of the better uses of this recurring character recently, but the last line about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 felt too smart for the character, though it was a good line.

The Host

It should come as no surprise that Tom Hanks was comfortable on the stage of Studio 8H for his ninth time hosting SNL, but he certainly started a little shaky in the evening with his part in the presidential debate sketch and the lukewarm monologue where he gives a pep talk to America as if he was the nation’s father. But like I said, Tom Hanks was great despite the opening stumbles, and he injected so much energy into the show, though it was disappointing that he didn’t bring back any classic characters. I can’t wait to see what happens when he eventually comes back for this 10th time as host.


Saturday Night Live - Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks – This was one of those episodes where pretty much everyone was great on the show, allowing the host to shine. And since that host was Tom Hanks, who holds nothing back every time he hosts the show, it was a real treat. From his reprisal of his role as Sully to his wacky David Pumpkins and everything in between.

The Final Word

After showing that the writing staff and cast was a little tired last weekend, I’m glad to see they all turned around and made this last show of four in a row the best of the season so far. Having Tom Hanks has a host surely helped, and I think that probably perked everyone at SNL up quite a bit. I can’t remember the last time that only one sketch was bad, so you know this was a great episode.

We’ll be back after Benedict Cumberbatch hosts Saturday Night Live on November 5th.

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