Tiffany Haddish Hosted Saturday Night Live

Weekend Update

Yet again, Colin Jost and Michael Che keep up their success at the Weekend Update desk. The punchlines weren’t quite as biting and funny as the other recent iterations, but this duo really seems to have found their groove. But Tiffany Haddish stole this segment with a well-placed callback to her monologue that also doubled as a reference to Coming to America.

Claire from HR – In light of all the sexual harassment claims being brought against powerful Hollywood players, it seems like regular human resources employees are having more stressful times at their jobs. Now more people are speaking up, and it’s stressing out Claire. It’s definitely an interesting way to deal with the headlines, but only mildly funny.

Lavar Ball – I don’t pay attention to much happening in the sports world, but this sketch works well enough thanks to Kenan Thompson that I don’t really need to understand the basis of the sketch in order to laugh at it. It’s Kenan Thompson mostly doing the kind of character he does a lot of SNL, but for some reason it hits more often than it misses.

The Host

Tiffany Hadish was so comfortable and confident hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time that she could have easily fit in as a cast member if she was given the opportunity. She doesn’t have much range, at least not that’s on display in this episode, but her energy and attitude brings plenty to the table. I think her monologue could have maybe been a little more clever, but again, the confidence with which she presented it helped sell it. Plus, you gotta love the callback to her dress joke that came up during Weekend Update. Hoepfully Haddish only continues to gain more steam in the comedy world.

Tiffany Haddish Hosted Saturday Night Live


Tiffany Haddish – It’s not often that this title can go to the host, but in this case, Tiffany Haddish certainly deserves it. The fact that she was already hosting Saturday Night Live at this stage in her career is impressive enough, but the fact that she did it with such confidence and poise is another thing. Her turns as Boo Boo Jeffries and The Last Black Unicorn showed her penchant for hamming it up in sketches, and her quick wit and reaction skills in Whiskers R We are nothing to scoff at either. Hosting SNL isn’t easy, and the fact that Tiffany Haddish did it so well this early in her career says something about her skills.

The Final Word

This was a much needed step up from the dud of an episode that was Larry David’s second effort hosting. Even though not every sketch was a home run, this episode certainly had an uptick in energy and attitude. Hopefully that means when Chance the Rapper arrives the writers will be ready to cut loose even more for the final episode in this latest trio of episodes.

We’ll be back with our next review following the November 18 episode.

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