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Ben Pearson Watched La La Land on a Hollywood Rooftop

One of the many great things about living in Los Angeles is having access to its vibrant film culture in the form of unique and unconventional screenings. Examples: there’s a 40th anniversary screening of Close Encounters of the Third Kind at the Cinerama Dome tonight, and a month or so ago, I went to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery to watch Stand By Me projected on the side of a mausoleum (it was far less macabre than it sounds). Rooftop Cinema Club hosted a screening of La La Land on the roof of the Montalban Theater in the heart of Hollywood this past weekend, and since my wife and I only watched the movie once in theaters and hadn’t seen it since, we thought it’d be a cool way to see a movie that itself is a love letter to the city of L.A.

I won’t bore you with my thoughts about the movie itself (God knows enough has been written about that film over the past year), but the Rooftop Cinema Club experience was terrific. You sit in comfortable deck chairs that are literally on a roof and there’s a bar a few steps away from your seat that’s open all night and serving themed drinks appropriate for the film that’s playing that evening. But the best part is that when you arrive, they hand everyone a pair of wireless headphones that pipes in the audio from the movie. While the cemetery screening has a cool ambiance, it’s sometimes tough to hear all of the dialogue (especially when a helicopter flies overhead, which happens all the damn time in Hollywood); here, these high-quality headphones remove that problem from the equation.

It’s a super cool experience and they’ll be hosting multiple screenings per week until the end of September, so if you’re in the area, I’d recommend checking it out. Upcoming screenings include Casablanca, Mean Girls, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and many more.

The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo

Ethan Anderton Started Watching The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo

At the behest of a close personal friend, I’ve just dived into a web series called The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo, and it’s probably one of the best online productions you’ll ever see. The premise is familiar and simple as it follows five aspiring actors in Los Angeles and how their lives intersect as each of them tries to get their shit together, maintain a relationship (or find one) and get by in one of the most superficial cities in the world. But it’s the approach that director, writer, producer and star Brian Jordan Alvarez takes that makes it so interesting.

First, there are the characters. In this series, the titular character is a gay man named Caleb, but his sexuality isn’t made out to be a plot device or trait that’s highlighted for the sake of diversity. The character just so happens to be gay, and he’s not the only character like that. There’s also a gender fluid character called Freckle played by Jason Greene who is sassy and hilarious without turning the character’s identity into some kind of stereotypical joke. The entire series is a respectful and entertaining journey into the world of LGBT characters without making it a big deal.

Secondly, the series is so full of energy and a unique presentation style. The editing feels abrupt at times, but it also adds to the comedy and authentic nature of the series itself. It’s a fast-moving series that doesn’t waste time with a lot of establishing shots or scene transitions, but instead allows the characters to drive the show and puts the focus on them.

Finally, the writing in this series is outstanding. It has the sharpness of the best episodes of Girls and the quick, absurd banter of Broad City. It feels like an HBO series in the making, and I wouldn’t be surprised of we see Brian Jordan Alvarez do big things in the future, especially since The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo was nominated for a Gotham Award last year.

The episodes are a breeze to get through, and the series is a nice departure from other shows on TV right now, so give it a chance.

Jack Giroux Watched the Fight Between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather

A little-known fight went down last weekend between UFC fighter Conor McGregor and retired boxer Floyd Mayweather. It wasn’t hyped up or talked about much at all this past month, so if the fight slipped under your radar, that’s understandable, especially when you take into account it’s only expected to make a measly $1 billion in PPV revenue. Bad jokes aside, what a great fight! The fight itself was exciting, but so was the build up to it. For the past month, watching the coverage of the event, some fun trash talk, and guessing who was going to win and why created such great entertainment and hype.

On the big day, the fight was talked about almost everywhere I went. Bets were even being made at convenience stores. I was pulling for the underdog, so I lost a few bucks going with McGregor. He was so aggressive in the first half of the fight going for the KO he needed. After preserving his energy, Mayweather turned the tables in the last few rounds and came out on top. Watching those two fighters go at it for that long lived up to the hype. It wasn’t just a fight, but a real deal grand event that made for a fun Saturday night. It was something to see and an event that won’t be quickly forgotten.

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