John Krasinski in 13 Hours / The Strain Chuck Hogan and Carlton Cuse Interview

What makes Jack Ryan ideal for a TV series?

Cuse: I think the great opportunity that exists for Jack Ryan is that the [TomClancy books were these huge sprawling epics. They’re 600, 700, 800 pages long. It’s really almost impossible to take a book that length and reduce it to a two-hour movie, but across a ten-hour show on Amazon, you can tell a sprawling mosaic story and add in color and depth at a level that you just can’t do in a theatrical motion picture.

Would Amazon let you go longer than 60 minutes per episode?

Cuse: Again, it’s streaming so there aren’t tight parameters about episode run times.

And it’s an original, not from a Clancy book?

Cuse: Correct. That was the other thing. We started working on an adaptation on Clear and Present Danger and then decided it just felt dated. It really led to this revelation that the thing that defined Tom Clancy was that his thrillers were very much geopolitical thrillers of the moment. They really tapped into something that was going on in the world, so we’re doing an ISIS/ISIL type story. It feels very much connected to what’s happening in the world right now.

That’s right, any of the books are period pieces now.

Cuse: Exactly, and when you start adapting them, you realize it just didn’t feel contemporary as we started working on it. So we’re keeping the characters and the same general sense of all those things that made Clancy Clancy, but telling a wholly original story.

Bates Motel / The Strain Chuck Hogan and Carlton Cuse Interview

You’ve cast your Marion Crane on Bates Motel. How many episodes is Rihanna going to appear in?

Cuse: Not something that we’re going to disclose right now, but she is in multiple episodes.

Once you start intersecting with the movie Psycho, do you have to very carefully expand and change up the things we think we know?

Cuse: Absolutely, it would be I think really uninteresting to deliver up basically the exact same story of the movie. So we’re going to criss-cross with the mythology of the movie and deliver up our own version of an ending that is referential to the movie but not beholden to the movie.

If there were a shower scene would it have to be completely different?

Cuse: Well, certainly shower technology has improved since 1960 so just even on that basis alone, it’ll be a much nicer shower.

That is the best answer to that question possible. You’re developing another new series for Hulu and they’re coming into their own with original programming too. Is it a good time to be developing a show with Hulu?

Cuse: I think it really is. Look, I feel super fortunate to work for what I think are the best companies in the television business right now. Hulu is one of them. The ability on a streaming show to basically not have content restrictions, to not be beholden to some of the limitations that exist with act breaks and stuff like that is a great experience. That said, in terms of traditional basic cable, there’s no better experience than FX.

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