The Simpsons Supporting Characters

You haven’t done another full sequel like “Kamp Krustier” but the Pin Pals have come back, the monorail has come back and even Leon Kompowski showed up again.

We’ll keep doing that in little ways. I don’t think we’ll do a sequel episode [again] but it’s part of the universe. We’ll make use of the universe. I think people are glad to see little things that know that we’re part of this history of the show.

Is that a little different than recurring characters like Disco Stu or the Cat Lady?

For example, we have a show where, because people hate clowns now after It, Krusty gets a job as a dramatic actor. Mike Price was the writer, had Llewellyn Sinclair return, the director which is Jon Lovitz. It’s like hey, Jon Lovitz can guest star on our show. Why not bring back the character? I wouldn’t say it’s a sequel to “A Streetcar Named Marge” but it’s the same character and it’s not a character we use a ton.

Since Michael Jackson never did the singing voice, did you bring back his original singing voice from “Stark Raving Dad?”

Kipp Lennon, yes. The guy who sang in the episode that just aired is the same guy who sang in the original episode.

Do you ever consider bringing back Senor Spielbergo?

The one that directed the Burns movie, his non-union equivalent? Sure, why not? That was in “A Star is Burns,” another Jon Lovitz episode.

When Quimby says, “No one respects you ladies more than I,” is that a reference to Trump saying “No one respects women more than me?”

That episode was actually read before the election. We, like everybody, even though we predicted Trump, we thought Hilary would probably win. So it’s not a direct reference but it’s a reference to sexist politicians and I think that includes Trump.

Is there a sense of community among people who have the same Simpsons references? I can say “The bus that couldn’t slow down” and people my age remember that. There are 20-year-olds now who don’t know what Speed was. Or if you mention Hank Scorpio or Stonecutters, there’s a community of people who know what you’re talking about.

It’s amazing because there are things where, at the end of “Selma’s Choice,” we have her singing a song. Mike Reiss pointed out that was a parody of a Murphy Brown episode which I forget and I think people will forget some of these original things and remember our parody. “D’oh” is something you hear on the time. Many of the things on the show, people don’t remember that they’re on the show. I actually got the Valentine when I was a kid that said, “I choo choo choose you.” I read it’s a best selling Valentine. I thought wow, it’s probably the most popular Valentine that ever was.

Has anyone ever given you “Ga’Hoole be my Valentine?”

No, no. My wife though did put “I choo choo choose you” on my wedding band, very nice of her.

What are some significant episodes and guest stars we should look forward to?

Jon Lovitz, like I mentioned. There’s a great season finale. It’s a satire of “The Amazing Race.” Marge and Homer are a couple that goes on and immediately loses. We have the episode that breaks Gunsmoke’s record, the 636th, which is written by our longtime director David Silverman and Brian Kelley.

So you decided which episode will be 636?

Yeah, the Simpsons go to New Orleans for the first time. There’s a bunch of stuff going on.

Any callbacks to the fallout over the New Orleans song from the early episode?

No, we thought about it but that was one where I go, “I bet people don’t remember.” It was a huge deal. I remember I saw the chalkboard, “I will not defame New Orleans” and I was like oh yeah, that was that. I think New Orleans likes us.

Do you know next seasons’s premiere?

Not yet. We have a lot of good candidates but we don’t know yet.

Next season’s Halloween?

Next season’s Halloween, there is a really good Jurassic Park parody where it’s Geriatric Park. They inject all the senior citizens with dinosaur DNA.

Are you still writing the other two?

We know, but I’ll keep those for now.

Would you ever do an It parody with Krusty as Pennywise?

It’s been discussed. The only thing that stops me is we did that thing with the evil doll that was Krusty. Not that that’s the same thing as It but it was a little bit like it.

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