As much as I will forever remain a fan of Tracy Morgan’s “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah,” I won’t be checking out Superhero Movie in theaters this weekend. Insert commenter saying, “yeah Hunter, but it’s still worth a torrent.” But Slashfilm would like to salute young actor and Harvard alum Miles Fisher for easily giving the best impression of Tom Cruise we’ve ever seen in the yuk-yuk comic book spoof. The nostalgic mannerisms, the curious energy, the perma-grin, the laser beam concentration and the confident laugh of a motivated, nicely groomed champion are all here. Word is The Cruise slays in this summer’s Tropic Thunder, but until then, bask in Fisher’s superhero-worthy performance. Bonus star stickers for nailing it without rocking the signature Wayfarers!


Discuss: Is it just me or is Fisher nearly impersonating Christian Bale impersonating Tom Cruise?

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