The Goonies Playing Cards

Albino Dragon has teamed up with illustrator Nat Iwata to create a deck of The Goonies playing cards. They somehow have secured the license from Warner Bros and are trying to bring the deck to life with the help of Bicycle and the United States Playing Card Company. After the jump, you can see some of the early (pending approval) card and box designs.

I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m a magic hobbyist and have a collection of playing cards that fills two drawers in my /Film office (I later learned that JJ Abrams’ also has a playing card collection drawer in his Bad Robot office). If there is a new cool deck of playing cards, I have to buy a pack. This usually happens on one of two places on the internet, – a magic site which is known for their self-produced premium designer playing cards (they made the mystery box, a collaboration with JJ Abrams and Bad Robot) or – the crowdfunding site best known for helping to launch cool tech gadgets, movies and game also features a healthy community of designers trying to launch their own playing card decks.

The Goonies Playing Cards Concept Design

The Goonies Playing Cards

The Goonies Playing Cards

I love the worn map coloring and the use of the Goonies characters on the face cards. The project has already been funded, so its happening with or without you. $15 gets you one regular deck of the Goonies playing cards. $25 adds a Goonies custom coin. The $40 pledge level includes the regular pack and one pack of the limited edition version of The Goonies playing cards. And a $50 level includes both decks and the custom coin.

The limited edition version of The Goonies playing cards feature a gold foil tuck box with embossing.

Be sure to back the project before June 5th at 2:00pm, pdt as that is when the kickstarter campaign comes to a close. You can clickover to the kickstarter campaign page here, or watch the kickstarter video below:

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