We’re not a political site, so I won’t bore you with the important issues involved in the upcoming 2008 elections. Instead we have at some real hard facts which might help you decide who to vote for. That’s right, we’re taking a look at the leading candidates favorite movies.

Hillary Clinton (D-New York)

Favorite Movies: The Wizard of Oz (“When I was much younger [it] was my favorite movie. I just loved imagining myself being there with Dorothy and being part of that great adventure she had.”), Casablanca (“When I was in college and law school…””I watched it I don’t know how many times. It was always so much fun. By the time we watched it over and over again, we were actually reciting the dialogue.”) Out of Africa (recent years).
Favorite Actors:
Meryl Streep and Robert Redford.

Barack Obama (D-Illinois)

Favorite Movies: The Godfather, The Godfather: Part II and Lawrence of Arabia
Favorite Actors: Jimmy Stewart, Spencer Tracy, Humphrey Bogart, Meryl Streep, Susan Sarandon and Angela Bassett.

John McCain (R-Arizona)

Favorite Movies: Viva Zapata, Letters from Iwo Jima and Some Like it Hot.
Favorite Actors: Marlon Brando, Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe.
Recent Movies: The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Identity, Mission: Impossible, (“I like those kinds of things, the car chases”) The Departed, (“It’s pretty rough, but I kind of liked it. Nicholson plays too much Nicholson”) and Syriana (“I enjoyed ‘Syriana,’ although a lot of people didn’t”).

Discuss: Isn’t it strange that McCain was the only candidate with a movie made in the last 20 years?

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