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Attention soundtrack fans: we’re debuting an exclusive video that takes you inside the Netflix animated series The Dragon Prince. The video below shows how composer Frederik Wiedmann composed The Dragon Prince soundtrack in all of its orchestral glory. It’s a truly gorgeous soundtrack – the type of music worth listening to even if you’ve never seen the series.

The Dragon Prince Soundtrack

I’ll confess I haven’t watched Netflix’s The Dragon Prince, but holy cow is the music featured in this clip gorgeous. Even if I never get around to checking out the series, I’m positive I’m going to dig into the full score composed by Frederik Wiedmann. This is big, rousing, emotional stuff – heavy on strings, blended with unorthodox instruments from different cultures. It all comes together beautifully.

The Dragon Prince provides a wonderful canvas for me to explore a very colorful musical pallet,” said Wiedmann. “We wanted to give this world its own identity, so we decided to blend various ethnic and unorthodox instruments with a conventional orchestral sound. The use of a variety of live instruments was key to this, so we spent a great deal of time recording soloists all across the series, and for some parts we recorded a 40 Piece string orchestra for important scenes that needed it. It’s been an absolute privilege to get to work on a series such as The Dragon Prince, a show so full of heart, imagination and excitement.”

In the series, “a catastrophic war looms between two sides: the magical land of Xadia and the Human Kingdom. Three kids from opposite sides of the conflict – two human princes and the elven assassin who was sent to kill them – discover a secret that could change everything. They decide to join forces and go on an epic journey that may be their only hope of ending the war and restoring peace to both their worlds.”

The Dragon Prince was co-created by Aaron Ehasz (head writer of Avatar: The Last Airbender) and Justin Richmond (game director of Uncharted 3). “Freddie has an incredible ability to weave emotion, theme, and storytelling into his work that elevates The Dragon Prince to a new level,” said Ehasz and Richmond.

Lakeshore Records will release of both the season one and season two soundtracks to The Dragon Prince with original music from Frederik Wiedmann digitally on February 22. Preorder Season 1 here, and Preorder Season 2 here.

Track list:

Season 1

  1. The Dragon Prince – Main Title
  2. Long Ago, In Xadia
  3. Brothers
  4. Mercy
  5. The Jelly Tart Heist
  6. My Heart for Xadia
  7. Sheer Courage
  8. Not That Simple
  9. Last Sunset
  10. Smoky Seekers
  11. Moonlight Battle
  12. Up To Us Now
  13. Flash, Woof, Zap, Slash!
  14. A Message Of Death
  15. Valley Of Graves
  16. Pyre
  17. Hello, Sister
  18. All The Bad Feelings
  19. Doubtful Intentions
  20. Snow-Nami
  21. Through The Ice
  22. Miracle On The Cursed Caldera
  23. It’s A Fun Spell
  24. The Other Bad News
  25. A Huger, Scarier Monster
  26. Worse than Death
  27. Turn Back
  28. Do Not Touch Those Webs
  29. The Jerk Face Dance
  30. Guardian Of The Moon Nexus
  31. Fading Quickly
  32. Azymondias
  33. End Credits – The Power To Change Everything

Season 2

  1. Encounter at The Beach
  2. The Moon Nexus
  3. Only Human
  4. In The Moon Temple
  5. Slidey-Sling Go – Fast Rope
  6. The Half – Moon
  7. Nothing, Nothing, Nothing!
  8. How Am I Going To Tell Him?
  9. He’s Really Gone / Mysterious Stranger
  10. I Can’t Let You Go
  11. I See You
  12. Spread Your Wings
  13. The Name’s Captain Villads
  14. Follow My Lead
  15. Face The Storm
  16. After The Storm / Rejection
  17. A Threat From Xadia
  18. Jelly Tarts In Bed
  19. Lady Justice / The Queens of Duran
  20. The Letter
  21. Magma Titan
  22. I’ll See You On Other Side
  23. Proud
  24. Breaking The Cycle
  25. Your Kind Of Magic
  26. Dragon Duel
  27. How May I Serve You?
  28. His Own Fault
  29. The True King
  30. Soren’s Truth
  31. Destiny Is A Book You Write Yourself
  32. Into Your Heart And Mind
  33. Drowning
  34. Head, Hand, And Heart
  35. Milkfruit / Aspiro!
  36. Going Home
  37. Wings
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