6. Rachel Getting Married
Streaming on Hulu August 1

Have we all finally gotten over the ridiculous, unnecessary Anne Hathaway hate? I sure hope so, because she’s a wonderful actress. If you need more proof of this, look no further than Jonathan Demme’s remarkable 2008 film Rachel Getting Married. Hathaway plays a troubled young woman with addiction problems who returns home for her sister’s wedding, bringing all her emotional baggage along for the trip. This is an emotionally honest film that features on hell of a performance from Hathaway.

For fans of: Postcards From the Edge, Margot at the Wedding, All The Real Girls, Anne Hathaway, the very talented actress who never deserved your irrational internet hate.

7. The Thin Blue Line
Now Streaming on FilmStruck

Errol Morris changed true crime documentaries forever with his engrossing 1988 doc The Thin Blue Line. Using interviews and artistic re-enactments, Morris delves into the story of a man on death row for killing a cop. There’s a catch, though: the condemned man might be innocent. Stylish and enlightening, Morris’ film has influenced true crime docs in film and on TV ever since. FilmStruck’s Criterion Channel will have both the film itself and supplements, including an interview between Morris and filmmaker Joshua Oppenheimer.

For fans of: The Fog of War, Paradise Lost, Imposter, people making direct eye-contact with the camera.

8. They Look Like People
Now Streaming on Shudder

Writer-director Perry Blackshear crafts an unnerving, incredibly eerie piece of indie horror with his 2015 creepshow They Look Like People. Christian (Evan Dumouchel) invites his old friend Wyatt (MacLeod Andrews) to crash at his pad, and then begins to have second thoughts when he starts to suspect Wyatt might be unhinged. Wyatt believes there’s a demonic invasion coming, slowly turning everyone around him into monsters. Is he out of his mind, or, even worse – is he right? Blackshear does so much with so little here, relying on shadows and mystery to make a truly unsettling film.

For fans of: It Comes at Night, The Intervention, Resolution, getting the creeps.  

9. Clueless
Streaming on Hulu August 1

Amy Heckerling took Jane Austen’s Emma and turned it into one of the best teen comedies ever made and certainly one of the best films of the 90s. Clueless features Alicia Silverstsone as a rich Beverly Hills high school student who attempts to change the social status of a new student, with occasionally disastrous results. The 90s-isms may seem dated now, but that doesn’t make Clueless any less of an enjoyable film. And it’s further proof that Paul Rudd is some sort of ageless vampire.

For fans of: Ten Things I Hate About You, Mean Girls, Emma, rollin’ with the homies.  

10. American Fable
Now Streaming on Netflix

With her debut film American Fable, Anne Hamilton announces herself as a filmmaker worth paying attention to. A work of magical realism, American Fable is a glimpse of a world through the eyes of a young girl (played wonderfully by Peyton Kennedy) coming to terms with the troubles of her family farm. Full of gorgeous, dreamy cinematography courtesy of Wyatt Garfield, American Fable is one of this year’s most hidden gems.

For fans of: Pan’s Labyrinth, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Tree of Life, cornfields.

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