‘The Best Man Holiday’ Is Getting a Sequel

The Best Man Holiday

It took The Best Man fourteen years to get follow-up, but after a massive weekend The Best Man Holiday is on track to get sequelized much, much sooner. Malcolm D. Lee, who wrote and directed both films, has entered talks with Universal to return for the third film, as has Holiday producer Sean Daniel. More on the new picture after the jump.

The Best Man Holiday exceeded all expectations this past weekend when it opened in second place, just behind the second weekend of Thor: The Dark WorldSome critics have argued that The Best Man Holiday was only considered an “overperformer” because pundits tend to severely underestimate the appeal of black movies, but any way you slice it its numbers were great.

The romcom sequel raked in $30 million, or just a few million below the total lifetime domestic gross of its predecessor. Making those figures even sweeter for Universal is the fact that The Best Man Holiday cost just $17 million to make.

That price tag is expected to go up for the threequel, however. Deadline reports that none of the starry ensemble cast (which includes Morris ChestnutTaye DiggsRegina HallTerrence Howard, and Sanaa Lathan) is contracted to return at this point, since Universal didn’t really expect The Best Man to launch a franchise, so they’ll likely ask for pay raises.

But the studio should have plenty of time to negotiate those deals, since Lee still needs to write the script. It’s not yet clear when The Best Man Holiday could hit. Although he’s currently working on a different film for Fox Searchlight, The Best Man Holiday will likely move sooner than later as Universal will be eager to strike while the iron is still hot. At any rate, it’s bound to arrive before 2027.

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