The Auteur #1

Oni Press has given Slashfilm readers something very cool. For free.

The company behind Scott Pilgrim vs. The World has allowed us to upload the entire first issue of their new comic, The Auteur from Rick Spears and James Callahan. It’s a smart and funny, yet gruesome and twisted tale of a big time Hollywood producer and how he reacts to his first major flop. The writing teems with insider movie quips and the art beautifully clashes with that humor in a hyper-real, violent way. It’s like a grounded Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, if Hunter S. Thompson was a film producer and his Las Vegas was Tinsletown.

It’s super-fun read; if you don’t believe me, you can check out or download the entire first issue below.

Here’s The Auteur #1, uploaded to Scribd.

The Auteur #1 – With permission From Oni Press

The Auteur first hit comic shelves in March; issue #3 was just recently released. The fourth issue comes out June 18 and the first collection will be out this summer.

If you want to read more, you can access the rest of the series on ComiXology at that link. Or visit the Comic Shop Locator to buy a physical copy.
Tell us what you think of The Auteur below. Here’s the official description:

Fresh off the biggest bomb in Hollywood history, disgraced and desperate producer Nathan T. Rex enters a downward spiral of drugs and depravity in a quest to resurrect his career and save his soul. Over budget and behind schedule on the latest installment of the horror franchise, PRESIDENTS DAY, T. Rex is backed into a corner by bad publicity, a crap project, and a jerk studio exec, but finds salvation at a strip club by huffing glue, and a chance encounter with cable news. Welcome to the most deranged, notorious, and hilarious comic of 2014! We apologize in advance.

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