6. The Dead Zone
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There’s a big Stephen King adaptation hitting theaters this week – The Dark Tower, which, by most accounts, is a bit of a bust. So if it’s a good King adaptation you’re seeking, look no further than David Cronenberg’s chilly adaptation of King’s novel about a man who ends up in a coma only to awaken with psychic powers. Christopher Walken is that man, and he’s predictably great in the part. Also great: Martin Sheen, playing a political candidate that seemed kind of far fetched in 1983 when the film was released, but who now seems all too terrifyingly real. One of Cronenberg’s less icky ’80s horror films, but still incredibly effective.

For fans of: Dead RingersMinority Report, Christopher Walken’s hair.

7. Take Shelter
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Michael Shannon gives one of the best performances in his acclaimed career in Jeff Nichols’ frequently unsettling Take Shelter. Shannon plays Curtis, an average working class guy who suddenly starts having terrifying nightmares that warn of impending doom. The nightmares begin to seep into his waking life, leading to a construction of an underground shelter and increasingly erratic behavior, much to the concern of Curtis’ wife (Jessica Chastain). Nichols, who helmed the recent, criminally underseen Midnight Special, brings his usually steady, slow-burn style to an increasingly scary film, but the real draw here is Shannon’s remarkable performance.

For fans of: Midnight SpecialMudIn The Mouth of Madness, Michael Shannon acting his ass off.

8. Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey
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The first Bill and Ted film, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, is coming to streaming services this month, but we’re going to go against the grain here and recommend the off-the-walls 1991 sequel, Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey. Hollywood has never made a sequel quite this crazy before, and that’s worth celebrating. Once again, rock-n-roll airheads Bill (Alex Winter) and Ted (Keanu Reeves) find themselves in over their heads, but there’s no silly time travel adventure this time. Instead, the pair end up being murdered by evil their robot doppelgangers, leading to a trip into the afterlife that includes a stop in heaven, hell and a partnership with a Seventh Seal-inspired Grim Reaper (William Sadler). Oh, also, there are aliens, Pam Grier and an utterly terrifying Easter Bunny. This movie is just bonkers, in the best possible way.

For fans of: Bill and Ted’s Excellent AdventureThe Seventh Seal, Freaked, the Grim Reaper rapping.

9. Teen Witch
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Speaking of bonkers, the 1989 cult classic Teen Witch is coming to Hulu in all its acid washed glory. The original plan for the film was a female version of the popular Michael J. Fox comedy Teen Wolf, but the end result was something more like a bad dream you have after eating too much cake icing. A nerdy high school girl (Robyn Lively) suddenly discovers she has magical powers, which she then uses to become popular. For some reason that no one will ever be able to explain, the characters in Teen Witch occasionally burst into rap numbers, even though the film isn’t really a musical. It’s all so charmingly silly that you can’t help but becoming a fan.

For fans of: Man, I don’t even know. Just watch that clip above and tell me you wouldn’t want to watch this movie.

10. Nerve
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Warning: if you’re over the age of 21, watching Nerve will make you feel very, very, very old. But this neon-lit thriller from Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost is still a lot of fun, and has a killer soundtrack to boot. Emma Roberts is a play-it-safe teen who suddenly gets thrust into the wild world of Nerve, an online game where strangers dare players to do outrageous stuff in public for cash. It all seems like mostly-harmless fun at first, then things get dangerous. Schulman and Joost find inventive ways to integrate technology into the film, a stylistic choice that really makes the film pop.

For fans of: The GameWould You Rather, lots and lots of neon.

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