wonder park trailer

Sometimes there’s no better theme park than the one that exists in our imagination. Paramount Picture’s new animated movie Wonder Park takes that sentiment and runs with it. It’s about an imaginary park that comes to life! There’s a talking bear! And something called a “chimpanzombie!” The new Wonder Park trailer delivers everything a magic-loving theme park enthusiast (probably) wants in an animated movie.

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Wonder Park Trailer

Do you like animation? How about theme parks? Maybe magic? Oh, and talking animals? Well, Paramount Pictures has a hodgepodge of a family friendly adventure for you.

Wonder Park is a new animated adventure following a young girl named June who stumbles upon the magical, hidden theme park of Wonderland. It’s a place where kids come to enjoy all the thrills of an incredible theme park in the middle of a secluded forest rife with talking animals and magic. Watch the Wonder Park trailer below to see what we’re talking about. Read More »