The Wretched Box Office

Under normal circumstances, a movie passing $1 million at the box office isn’t anything to write home about. Even some of the worst movies ever have made a ton of money – Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 made over $108 million worldwide. But today, $1 million is worth celebrating because IFC’s indie horror movie The Wretched was able to pass that milestone, thanks to its release in drive-in movie theaters across the country. Read More »

the wretched box office

IFC Films is winning at the box office. To be fair, there aren’t many other movies out there to compete with, but IFC’s indie horror flick The Wretched is cleaning up, remaining at the top of the charts for the fifth weekend in a row. This is an achievement that hasn’t happened since 2018’s Black Panther, and the fact that a small horror flick is following in the footsteps of a Marvel blockbuster is kind of a big deal.

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the wretched

It’s time for a trailer round-up! Rather than let some smaller trailers slip through the cracks, we like to gather them together and bring them to you in one place. You’re welcome. This trailer round-up features a new Bruce Willis movie, some upcoming Netflix shos, two shows from the new streaming service Quibi, and a horror movie.

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