Big Hero 6 Storyboards

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In this edition, see how a sequence from Big Hero 6 evolved from the storyboards to the final animation. Plus, see how stuntmen react to sword fight sequences from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and The Last Samurai, and see what a professional ballerina has to say about the accuracy of ballet scenes in movies like Black Swan, Save the Last Dance, and more. Read More »

The Game Plan Movie Poster

The Game Plan Movie PosterLast night we posted the movie trailer for The Rock’s new family sports comedy film The Game Plan (groan). Cinematical has released the theatrical poster, which looks even worse. As always, left click to see a larger version.

I think our friend Chris at Movie Marketing Madness said it best: “Note to all studio executives, Big, manly guys with a reputation for action movies all of a sudden being thrown into a domestic situation with a cute kid is a pitch that should be avoided.”

And yes, this does remind us of Vin Diesel’s The Pacifier all over again. The new poster also confirmes the Fall (aka Football Season) release date.