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With the release of Superman Returns in 2006, star Brandon Routh was poised to become the next big thing. He was taking on the role of a superhero icon in one of the biggest blockbusters of the year, cast partially for his resemblance to the iconic Superman star, Christopher Reeves. But then, crickets. Superman Returns opened to decent reviews and a respectable worldwide gross of $391 million. But Warner Bros. wrote the film off as a disappointment, and Routh was devastated to learn that there would be no sequel — instead the superhero got rebooted in with 2013’s Man of Steel in which Henry Cavill donned cape.

While Routh has carved out a good niche as a genre TV regular with roles in Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and Chuck, the actor revealed the difficulties he endured in the aftermath of Superman Returns — and indeed, during the filming, with director Bryan Singer, who has in recent years been exposed for his history of sexual abuse. Read more of Brandon Routh on Superman Returns and the difficulties on set and after the film’s release.

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DC Comics Movies Retrospective

Before you head off to see the first nationwide showings of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice tonight, why not revisit all the contemporary DC Comics movies leading up to this point from the past decade? Starting with Batman Begins in 2005 and running all the way through Suicide Squad later this year, this retrospective covers the good (The Dark Knight), the bad (Superman Returns) and the ugly (Green Lantern). Watch the DC Comics movies retrospective after the jump. Read More »

jude law Superman Logo

If all goes to plan, Henry Cavill will be Superman for a long time. Before he accepted the role, however, many actors almost played the character. Nicolas Cage is a famous one. Josh Hartnett is another and Jude Law is a third. Law recently told the story of how he was considering playing the role in a version of the film that was going to be directed by Brett Ratner, but ultimately passed. Listen to the Jude Law Superman story below. Read More »

Superman Flyby
In 2002 Warner Bros was developing a new Superman movie with then screenwriter JJ Abrams called Superman: Flyby, with Brett Ratner hired to direct. Abrams’ screenplay for the film would have reinvented Superman, incorporating a bunch of new ideas that angered fans when a negative script review was posted on the internet. The film was abandoned and never went into production. Mr. Sunday Movies has created a video essay giving the complete history of Superman Flyby. Watch that now after the jump.
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Superman Returns concept art 2

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Magnus Rex

One of the worst kept secrets in Hollywood is that major movies use fake titles when they’re in production. The purpose of the misdirection is to throw the general public living and working around the shoot locations off the scent of a picture that might have huge fan interest.

Thirty years ago, Star Wars fans had no idea the Return of the Jedi was being filmed near them because it was called Blue Harvest. Even today the practice continues. People would riot if they knew Christopher Nolan was filming The Dark Knight Rises in their town, so the film goes by the name Magnus Rex. (Not that it takes long for people to realize what’s up.) Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 are being referred to as Freezer Burn and London Calling respectively.

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