Shrek 2 Honest Trailer

If there’s one franchise that hasn’t aged as well as some of its animated counterparts, it’s the Shrek franchise. Chock full of dated pop culture references and animation that looks uglier than other animated movies that came out around the same time, these movie also got worse as they went on.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Shrek 2 is a big step down from its predecessor, and with the benefit of hindsight, that makes it even worse since the original Shrek isn’t quite as good as you might remember either. We’ll let the Shrek 2 Honest Trailer take it from here, even if they’re a little more complimentary of the sequel overall. Read More »

Shrek Movie References

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been almost 16 years since DreamWorks Animation released the first Shrek into theaters, launching a multi-billion dollar franchise (that is supposed to continue sometime in the near future). If it’s been awhile since you sunk your teeth into the animated fairytale comedy, you might have forgotten just how many movies Shrek and Shrek 2 parodies and paid homage to.

For those who may not have time to sit down and watch the first two Shrek movies just to soak them all up, one fan has put together a video taking a look at the various references to other movies, from Beauty and the Beast to Alien to Lord of the Rings: the Fellowship of the Ring. You just may have forgotten how many gags there are referencing other movies.

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Disney Logo evolution

Ethan Jones has created a series of compilation videos showing how various animated logo openings have changed and evolved over the years. Most recently Jones has released videos of the Walt Disney Pictures and DreamWorks logo openings.
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A bunch of 3D news stories have hit the web today, including DreamWork Animation’s plans to post convert the first three Shrek movies in “fake 3D” for Blu-Ray 3D release, Samsung is teaming with Real D to bring the same 3D you experience in your local multiplex to your home. What this means to you is no clunky active shutter display glasses, and one step closer to glassless 3D. Read all this and more after the jump.

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Earlier this week, Toy Story 3 surpassed Finding Nemo to become the highest grossing film in Pixar history. Today Lee Unkrich’s sequel has passed another major milestone, becoming the highest grossing animated film of all time. The film has grossed more than $920 million worldwide, surpassing DreamWorks Animation’s Shrek 2 ($919.8 million worldwide) for the title. The film currently ranks as the 14th highest grossing movie of all time.

Not to knock the achievement, but the movie, of course, got a bump in 3D ticket price increases that wasn’t available for animated films prior to the past four years (with the amount of 3d enabled screens having tripled over the last two years). Also, non-3D surcharge ticket inflation also contributes to the big number. A film like The Lion King made $783.8 million worldwide in 1994, a number which would be adjusted to $1.54 billion today.

The Dark Knight has just crossed the $400 million mark in a record setting amount of time – just 18 days of release. To give you an idea of just how big that is, let me share with you the previous record holder – Shrek 2, which crossed the same $400 mark in 43 days! It’s also worth noting that the movie is still grossing over $6 million on a Monday, which is more money than X-Files 2 took in during the film’s premiere Saturday/Sunday. [mediabynumbers]