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In this edition, a new video essay from Patrick (H) Willems looks back at the films of Clerks and Chasing Amy director Kevin Smith to see how they hold up after all these years. Plus, Harry Potter franchise star Daniel Radcliffe runs the gauntlet of spice on a new episode of Hot Ones, and an epidemiologist reviews how realistic zombie virus movies and TV shows like World War Z and The Walking Dead are. Read More »

Michael Parks Red State alternate ending

Kevin Smith‘s career changing movie Red State could have gone in a very different direction. Smith has gone on the record saying that he had a different ending of the film in mind when he first wrote the script. However, he they realized the budget was only $4 million, he scrapped the bigger ending in favor of something smaller and quieter.

In other interviews, Smith has said what he wanted that ending to be but – in case you haven’t read it – I won’t say it here. Especially because Smith has proved Entertainment Weekly with an animated version of this original vision and it’s absolutely insane, especially if you don’t know what’s coming.

Watch the animated Red State alternate ending below. Read More »

Last year, Quentin Tarantino released a list of what he called the best films of 2011. This year he has repeated the list-making effort, and Tarantino’s list of the best eleven films of 2011 is out now. (Or best twelve films, really, since there is a tie in one position.) Along with that comes a collection of associated lists, from his estimation of the best directors of the year, to a set of ‘nice try’ picks, which includes some peoples’ fave film, Drive.

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One of the major selling points of the Red State screenings scheduled in advance of the full theatrical release has been Kevin Smith himself. For the past few months he’s been touring with the film and doing live question and answer sessions after each screening. If you aren’t in a major city, however, you’ve been shut out of the Red State tour. This past week the film opened On Demand, but even then it’s the movie sans Smith.

On September 25 Smith is hoping to bring that unique Red State experience to as many people as possible. Theaters all across the country will be screening the film simultaneously and audience members will be able to participate in and watch a live Q&A via Twitter and satellite. Then Smith will cap off the evening with an exclusive, live podcast, originating from the New Beverly in Los Angeles.

Curious if there’s a theater near you hosting this event? Find out after the jump. Read More »

When we last left Kevin Smith‘s ever-evolving world of pop culture, he announced that Red State would hit Video On Demand in September, followed by an innovative theatrical tour complete with digital Q&A sessions. Oh, and he was also working on a reality show set in a comic book shop. Both of those stories have been slightly expanded this week as Red State will get a Los Angeles theatrical run from August 19-25 at the New Beverly Cinema, officially qualifying the film for the Academy Awards. And there’s a new trailer and poster to go along with it.

Next up, in addition to developing that reality show, Smith is currently shooting a talk show pilot that will be sort of his own unique blend of Regis & Kelly and The Daily Show. Read more about both after the jump. Read More »

The innovative, controversial but undeniably successful distribution of Kevin Smith‘s Red State will enter its next phase this Labor Day. On Smith’s morning Smodcast Plus One Per Diem Tuesday, he announced Lionsgate will exclusively handle the video on demand and Blu-ray rights to the film and that audiences can watch it beginning this Labor Day. Then, when the film opens in October, theaters showing the film will follow the screening with a live, digital, interactive Q&A and a live Hollywood Babble-On Smodcast. Read more info after the break. Read More »

Kevin Smith is back to his old tricks again. Smith recently admitted that he loves to drop hints of news in various different places to see who picks up on them and he’s done it again, two times. First up, Smith tweeted that we could have a chance to see his independent thriller Red State on Labor Day, weeks before it’s regularly scheduled October 19 release date. He also told that he plans on releasing the script for Hit Somebody in advance of the film actually being finished. We explain, and speculate about, both after the break. Read More »

Love him or hate him, Kevin Smith has can now hang his own “Mission Accomplished” banner. He’s taken his tiny little horror film Red State, premiered it at Sundance, decided to self-distribute it, taken it on the road and now, officially, turned a profit without spending a dime on marketing. The film, which cost $5 million to make, saved $1 million from California state tax incentives, making the total investment $4 million. It then grossed about $1 million on the first leg of the tour, took in $1.5 million from a handful of foreign sales and is about to close a $3 million domestic distribution deal to release the film every way but theatrical. Do the math and Smith’s little experiment is now officially in the black, and it’s still six months away from theatrical distribution with another tour in the works.

Plus, if that wasn’t good enough news for Smith, friend and muse Quentin Tarantino recently screened Red State and loved it. Read why that was a big deal to the filmmaker and more after the break. Read More »

“This is gonna be like watching STAR WARS with Darth Vader right there in the audience!”

Here’s one way to draw a crowd. As per his proposed self-distribution strategy — which is already proving quite promisingKevin Smith is currently touring with Red State, and a recent showing of the flick had a dozen or more special guests: The infamous Phelps family, whose Westboro Baptist Church is the basis for Smith’s film. Read More »

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You may recall that loquacious filmmaker Kevin Smith annoyed a lot of people (and amused a lot of other people) at this year’s Sundance, when he held an auction of his new horror film Red State only to sell it to himself for $20. Smith announced at the time that he planned to embark on a cross-country preview screening tour this spring in order to promote the film, and predicted that he would be able to make back about half of the film’s $4 million budget by its October 19 release date.

Said tour launched this past Saturday at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall, and so far, Smith’s plan seems to be working out nicely. Find out just how nicely after the jump.

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