Clone Wars Series Recap

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In this edition, get a recap of Star Wars: The Clone Wars before the seventh and final season debuts on Disney+ this week. Plus, listen an hour-long roundtable discussion with some of the most buzzed about documentary filmmakers of 2019, such as Todd Douglas Miller of Apollo 11 and Julia Reichart of American Factory. And finally, listen to stories from behind the scenes at Saturday Night Live with cast member Aidy Bryant. Read More »

best foreign movies and tv streaming

(Welcome to Pop Culture Imports, a column that compiles the best foreign movies and TV streaming right now.)

From the harrowing, to the hopeful, the plain old awesome, this week’s Pop Culture Imports will have you covered on all the bases. The best foreign movies and TV streaming now include Neill Blomkamp’s modern sci-fi classic District 9, the harrowing one-child policy documentary One Child Nation, an unexpectedly awesome Ip Man spin-off, a lovely slice-of-life Japanese anthology series, and a slow burning Korean romantic-comedy.

Fire up those subtitles and let’s get streaming.

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One Child Nation Review

Nanfu Wang grew up in China ashamed she had a younger brother. She didn’t know why. Matchsticks, posters, operas, parades, and walls were inscribed with maxims, like nursery rhymes, programming the ideal of the one-child family. To be in a family with two children seemed like an anomaly. Indoctrination had an incalculable impact on the elders and youths of China. Wang was no exception. She shows a photo of her child self, in a choir where she sang about the evils about having more than one child.

Directed Wang and Lynn Zhang, both of whom had first-hand experiences with the psychological effects of the one-child policy, One Child Nation assembles interviews with Wang’s family members, acquaintances, ex-officials, propaganda artists, ex-traffickers who carried abandoned babies to sell to orphanages, American adoptive parents assembling a database to reunite torn-apart families, an exiled Chinese journalist, and a girl bereaved over her missing twin. Woven in are her personal perceptions, shaped by the birth of Wang’s son. 

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One Child Nation Trailer

Imagine living in a country that handles a crippling overpopulation problem by limiting families to having only one child. No, it’s not a dystopian future setting for a new sci-fi movie. That’s what actually happened in China in 1979, and the policy was only recently completely eliminated in 2015. Now, a new documentary called One Child Nation will explore the legacy of this controversial law that sparked tragedy among families, violated human rights, and resulted in countless abandoned newborns, forced sterilizations and abortions, and government abductions. Watch the One Child Nation trailer below to learn more. Read More »