Us Vinyl Soundtrack

Because every month feels like an entire year these days, you might find it hard to believe that Jordan Peele‘s provocative thriller Us came out earlier this year. We’re bound to be reminded when awards season starts heating up, but until then, Waxwork Records is here to deliver the Us vinyl soundtrack that comes in some incredible artwork on the cover and gatefold, and has two different colored vinyl discs that are perfect representations of The Tethered. Or, if you’re not a vinyl collector, there are two outstanding enamel pins that you might want to add to your collection. Read More »

Us Soundtrack

We’ve got one more week until Jordan Peele blows us all away again with his sophomore directing effort Us. The film has received rave reviews after its world premiere at South by Southwest, and audiences are eager to see what the comedian-turned-horror-mastermind has up his sleeve. But until then, we’ve got a good way to pass the time.

The official soundtrack for Us is available today, and while you might want to hold off on listening to the score until you actually see the movie (that’s a personal rule of mine), there’s one track you can listen to absolutely guilt-free. In fact, it’s a song you’ve heard several times before: “I Got 5 On It” by Luniz. But the hip-hop track was made to be truly chilling with a creepy remix in the first trailer for Us. And that’s the version that has been released online today. Listen to the song from the Us soundtrack below. Read More »