crazy eddie movie

Jon Turteltaub could give us all what we really want: a third National Treasure movie. Instead, he’s going to direct Insane, a movie about Crazy Eddie Antar, the owner of an electronics chain who ended up in jail after committing one of the greatest securities frauds in history. It will no doubt make for a crazy true story – but will it be as exciting as watching Nicolas Cage running around finding clues hidden by the Founding Fathers? I doubt it.

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The Meg

A couple of weeks back, I sat down with filmmaker Jon Turteltaub to talk about his new movie, The Meg. In the discussion, we talk about how the filmmaker earned a credit on one of Taika Waititi‘s early films, his ambitions to make a Marvel or Star Wars movie, transitioning into making a horror movie with jump scares, cinematic inspirations for The Meg, the existence of the real Megladon, the possibility of Meg sequels, where to draw the line between logic and fun in a big blockbuster, the possibility of National Treasure 3, and the It’s A Small World movie he’s developing.

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It's A Small World movie

I’m a self-described theme park fanatic and a card-carrying Disneyland annual passholder, so when any film property based on a Disney theme park ride or land is announced, I’m usually excited. But the 2014 announcement that they were developing a movie based on one of Walt Disney’s first rides, It’s A Small World, was met with confusion and dread. The ride is a wonderful piece of art and history, powered by a catchy (possibly too catchy) theme song written by Disney legends the Sherman Brothers. But to say there isn’t much of a story in the ride is an understatement – there is no story. It’s essentially a boat ride showing the many cultures around the world unified through song.

So while talking with director Jon Turteltaub for his latest film The Meg, I had to ask the National Treasure-helmer for an update on this bizarre theme park-to-movie project.

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National Treasure reboot

Every time I talk to director Jon Turteltaub, I have to ask about the status of National Treasure 3. The Nicolas Cage-led 2004 film is a delightful Da Vinci Code meets Indiana Jones-lite adventure and it spawned a not-as-much-fun sequel, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, in 2007. Fans have been asking for a third installment in the series for over a decade.

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The Meg Reviews

Summer is jam-packed with blockbuster action movies, and while some hope to be taken a little more seriously than others, there are always a couple that stand out as intentionally stupid fun. The Meg is one of those movies.

Described as Jaws on steroids, The Meg brings an event bigger shark to the crowded summer beach. But rather than facing a trio of ill-equipped men who have no idea how to deal with a shark, this time the titular prehistoric creature has to tangle with Jason Statham and a team of scientists. Thankfully, if the early buzz from the first round of press reactions is to be believed, the final product is the kind of dumb, bonkers fun you’ve been hoping to see this summer. Read More »

the meg tv spot

Summer is here in full-force, so it’s time to embrace big, dumb blockbusters. Like The Meg, a movie about Jason Statham fighting a Megalodon shark that just happens to not be extinct, somehow. I’m sure the film will explain this, but really, who cares? We don’t need answers. We just need to see Statham vs. shark. While you wait for The Meg to splash into theaters, watch a new The Meg TV spot below.

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the meg international trailer

The only thing that can save the summer at this point is Jason Statham fighting a big-ass prehistoric shark. Thankfully, a new The Meg international trailer just swam online, bringing with it a ton of new footage.

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The Meg TV Spot

Even if most summer movies turn out to disappoint this year, we can all take solace in knowing that, as the summer winds down, Jason Statham will battle a giant shark in The Meg. A new The Meg TV spot offers up some new footage, and confirms that this movie will probably be very dumb and very entertaining.

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The Meg photo

What lies beneath the waves? It’s a question all of us have when we go to the beach, but the characters in Warner Bros.’ upcoming The Meg aren’t going to like the answer. A 70-foot shark called a megalodon that was long thought to be extinct has surfaced again, and only a Navy diver played by Jason Statham can save the day.

A new photo from the film has made its way online, along with a story from Statham about how he swam with real sharks to prepare for his role.
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‘The Meg’ First Look: Jason Statham vs. Shark

The Meg

Steve Alten‘s 1997 novel Meg finally makes its way to the big screen with The Meg, a new shark-tastic film from National Treasure director Jon Turteltaub. Jason Statham stars as a former Navy diver who gets hired to rescue a scientists trapped in an underwater research facility. There’s just one problem: a giant prehistoric shark wants to make a meal out of Statham and company. And now we have our first look at the film.

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