The Mitchells vs. the Machines

Phil Lord and Chris Miller‘s animated sci-fi family adventure movie Connected has been one of the many movies delayed by the coronavirus pandemic. Sony Pictures held on to the movie with the hopes of releasing it in theaters, but it seems like the possibility of movie theater business being stagnant for at least the first half of 2021 has forced them to send the movie to streaming. Netflix has acquired worldwide rights to the film, which has now reverted back to its original title: The Mitchells vs The Machines. Read More »

Tiger King Zoo Closed

The Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, the former kingdom of the man known as the Tiger King, is closing its doors.

As seen on Netflix’s Tiger King series, the park previously owned by Joe Exotic (AKA The Tiger King) was transferred over to Jeff Lowe. Though ownership of the facility has been ordered to be handed over to rival Big Cat Rescue operator Carole Baskin, the evacuation of the location only needed to be complete in 120 days (starting from early June), so the zoo has still been allowing visitors since May after a brief closure due to the coronavirus pandemic. But in the wake of a recent conflict with the USDA, the zoo is now closing its doors again. And this time it’s permanent. Read More »

New Tiger King Episode

UPDATE: Netflix has officially announced the new episode, which is an after show update with new interviews of the subjects of the documentary series Tiger King. Our original story from April 5 follows below with the official update at the end.

The new Netflix documentary miniseries Tiger King has taken the population by storm. People can’t stop talking about the man known as Joe Exotic, his zoo full of tigers and lions, and his life full of some of the most incredible, unbelievably real characters you’ll ever meet. But even though Joe Exotic is sitting in jail right now, the saga of the Tiger King isn’t over. Reportedly there is a new Tiger King episode coming to Netflix this week. Read More »