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(Welcome to Now Stream This, a column dedicated to the best movies streaming on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and every other streaming service out there.)

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Daniel Isn't Real contest

Director Adam Egypt Mortimer (Some Kind of Hate) is back with a new horror film called Daniel Isn’t Real, which tells the story of what happens when a man’s imaginary friend from childhood comes back into his life and begins exerting control in dangerous ways. We’re giving away two posters from the film signed by Mortimer and star Patrick Schwarzenegger, and you can find out how to enter to win below. Read More »

Daniel Isn't Real Review

This review contains mild spoilers for Daniel Isn’t Real

Imaginary friends have a way of getting a little dicey in media. They start out sweet. They act as a companion and build up the confidence of their hosts. Then the next thing you know they’re telling you to put glue in your sister’s shampoo and hair on your mom’s toothbrush. But what would happen if that imaginary friend took things to a more sinister place? Daniel Isn’t Real is here to answer that question. 

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daniel isn't real trailer

Imaginary friends rarely get a good rap in horror movies, and Daniel Isn’t Real is no exception. But the twist with Adam Egypt Mortimer‘s psychedelic doppelganger thriller is that the imaginary friend in question here is an edgy teen (Patrick Schwarzenegger) who starts to wreak havoc on the life of troubled student Luke (Miles Robbins), who has been given some very bad advice from his therapist. Watch the Daniel Isn’t Real trailer below.

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a score to settle

We tend to devote entire posts to trailers for big movies around here. But sometimes, smaller films need love too. And that’s where our trailer round-ups come in. Here we’ve gathered together trailers for several under-the-radar films (and TV shows) that you might want to check out when they head your way. Watch them all below!

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overlook film festival day two

Day two of the Overlook Film Festival unleashed, perhaps, the most humidity I have ever felt in my life, accompanied by a torrential downpour that did little to alleviate the heat. I kicked the day-off with a fest-sponsored ghost tour through the French Quarter, which introduced the perspiring crowd to several of NOLA’s famous haunts, including the infamous house where Delphine LaLaurie was said to have tortured and murdered several slaves (Kathy Bates played the historical murderess in American Horror Story: Coven).

The story of the LaLaurie house was gruesome to the max, involving horrific tortures no Hollywood filmmaker could dream up. The only relief in the tale came with the reveal at the end that none other than Nicolas Cage had lived in the house for a while (he sold it after he got into some hot water over taxes). From the ghost tour, it was off to the Museum of Death, a small but effective locale offering an alarming amount of memorabilia from real-life serial killers (Charles Manson’s prison shirt hangs on the wall). Think of it as Faces of Death: The Building. And then it was time to escape the heat for what we really came here for – movies.

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