Pan's Labyrinth Book

It’s been 13 years since we ventured into Guillermo del Toro‘s dark fantasy world of Pan’s Labyrinth. In the film, a twisted fairy tale clashes with Spanish fascism as an 11-year old girl becomes embroiled in a war she wants no part of. She finds an escape in a twisted labyrinth that allows her to fulfill the prophecy of a lost princess returning to her rightful place at her father’s side. But it all comes at a tragic cost.

Now the Oscar-winning film is being turned into “an epic and dark fantasy novel for readers of all ages” by director and writer Guillermo del Toro and Inkheart author Cornelia Funke. The book includes incredible illustrations and added short stories that help flesh out the world of this fantasy parable. Read More »

Inkheart Sequels Likely Forthcoming

Let’s make no bones about it: I absolutely loved Inkheart. The single stand out element was Roger Pratt’s cinematography, which is just about unbelievable in places, though it was definitely a well written, well directed and brilliantly cast film. Like or lump Brendan Fraser, he was in the mind of Cornelia Funke when she wrote the source novel and therefore it’s hardly surprising he fits the role well, and Helen Mirrren, Andy Serkis and particularly Jim Broadbent all absolutely nail the tone and flavour required for this kind of fantasy. I’m very pleased to report then, that even a week before the film’s US opening, at least one sequel, maybe two, are looking rather likely indeed. Read More »