movies coming to netflix back to the future

Every month, we write about which movies and shows are coming to Netflix and which movies and shows are leaving and it often feels like more great stuff is leaving than arriving. Then a month like July 2016 arrive and restores your faith in the world’s most popular streaming service. This is a strong batch of entertainment and if you’re already looking for ways to occupy yourself next month, you have plenty of options. We have a batch of recommendations and everything.

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Marko Manev - Arnold

Two of the most promising rising artists in the pop culture art world are teaming up for a massive show. It’s called Influences;Marko Manev and Matt Ferguson are the artists; and the Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn, NY is the venue.

The theme is basically just films that have influenced not only these two artists, but pop culture as a whole. That means we’re talking very big properties: Jurassic Park, E.T., Predator, Batman, Total Recall, Flash Gordon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and many more. Below, check out a small preview of the show that opens Friday February 28. Read More »

POTD: Batman Fighting a Shark with a Lightsaber

Batman Fighting a Shark with a Lightsaber

I really have no idea where this image of Batman fighting a shark with a lightsaber originated from, but it is definitely full of awesome. Lets not forget Batman’s 44-year feud with the great white monster. After the jump I’ve included a clip from Batman: The Movie (not the Tim Burton-directed movie, but the 1966 film starring Adam West) which involved Batman’s hilarious run-in with an exploding shark.
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