Bloodthirsty Director Interview

The werewolf forfeits its feral nature in the name of societal niceties. Three nights out of the month, authenticity peeks its shy head out from under the guise of a human exterior, but most of the time, a werewolf wears a mask, suppressing the more callous urges within. But what if, in order to achieve the impossible, one must give in to their darkest desires? What if the dreams of man cannot be reached until the traitor beneath one’s breast is granted room to roam free?

In Bloodthirsty, vegan singer-songwriter Grey (Lauren Beatty) goes to work on her second album with notorious music producer Vaughn Daniels (Greg Bryk). But as the album progresses, she starts to transform into a powerful beast with a thirst for blood, meat and the hunt. And this wild genre turn works, too, as you can read in our review.

I had the privilege of speaking with director Amelia Moses about her latest feature on behalf of /Film. In the interview, we discuss lycanthropy as an extension of an artist’s craft, inverting patriarchal symbols through the subversion of werewolf lore, avoiding common genre tropes, giving into your desires, making music that makes people feel haunted, and the cost that comes with reckless creativity.

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Bloodthirsty Clip

It’s not often that you get to see a werewolf thriller where a female lead transforms into a fearsome beast. But that’s exactly what Brainstorm Media’s new movie Bloodthirsty will do.

Following a vegan indie singer feeling the pressure of recording her sophomore album with a notorious music producer, Bloodthirsty finds this young artist slowly realizing that she’s turning into a werewolf . Well, she’s at least having visions that she’s turning into a wolf, as you can see in the exclusive Bloodthirsty clip that we’re debuting below. Read More »