Geeks are Sexy lives up to its name with several photos of a German cosplayer who goes by aigue-marine and her cosplay of Batgirl Stephanie Brown. More photos at those links.

Taylor Kitsch spoke to MTV News about his role as Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and whether or not he’ll be appearing in The Wolverine or any spin-off movies.

Most girls would cosplay as Hit-Girl but this one, via ComicBookCosplay, is of a brutalized Kick-Ass.

Chris Evans spoke to Red Eye Chicago (via CBM) about his work on The Avengers and more:

Yeah, it was great. It was a great experience … It couldn’t have gone better. I almost should knock on some wood. It was too good. We all got along so ridiculously well; that type of stuff doesn’t happen in films. It’s just so lucky for a franchise that it happened on a film that we’re all going to be stuck together for quite some time.

You saw Nightwing above, and here’s what The Mad Hatter looks like in Batman: Arkham City. Thanks to Arkham City Fansite via CBM.

A Batman-themed chess set is coming out from Eaglemoss (via Bleeding Cool) and you can head there to check out a bunch of the pieces including Batman, above.

Superhero Tooniverse (via Comic Book Movie) has a bunch of images from the Green Lantern animated series.

Finally, a /Film reader sent us this letter that was distributed to some Los Angeles residents about The Dark Knight Rises filming later this week. We’ve cut off the phone numbers mentioned. Sorry. Possible spoilers for an action scene below.

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