Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice - Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor

Which superhero does Nathan Fillion want to play? Why is Chiwetel Ejiofor excited for Doctor Strange? How’s Batman‘s no-kill philosophy working out for him? What does Jesse Eisenberg have to say about the Batman v Superman script? Did you catch Arrow‘s WWE Summerslam showdown this weekend? What would Iron Man look like as a mermaid? Has Jeremy Renner confirmed Hawkeye’s Civil War allegiance? Read about all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

Batman is famously against killing, but he seems to forget that kind of a lot in his live-action movies.

Our current Superman Henry Cavill tries and fails to answer the eternal question: Wonder Woman or Lois Lane?

Superhero wedding cake

This totally ordinary-looking wedding cake has a super secret, much like the heroes it’s paying homage to.

You’d better appreciate that Atom costume in Legends of Tomorrow, because it “costs more than your average American home.”

Iron Merman

I don’t even know how many different suits Iron Man has at this point, but he should add this Iron Merman cosplay to his lineup.

Jesse Eisenberg thinks the Batman v Superman script is “phenomenal.”

Hey, so how did that Arrow vs. Stardust WWE Summerslam showdown turn out, anyway? And is that feud over or what?

Ben McKenzie reiterates Bruce Wayne won’t become Batman until the “very last frame” of Gotham.

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