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Which Daredevil character has just been confirmed for Jessica Jones? Has Arrow Season 4 added a new baddie? Who do the Fantastic Four cast want to battle? Which supervillain is coming to Luke Cage? How’s Grant Gustin looking in the new Flash costume? Which actress is being rumored for Ms. Marvel (again)? Want to see a cool Batman: Arkham Knight Alfred mod? Read about all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

Wanna learn how to make your own Ant-Man costume? (Shrinking technology not included.)

Marvel Universe LIVE! (not to be confused with Marvel Experience) will tour for a second year.

A Batman: Arkham Knight mod lets you play as Alfred.

The Fantastic Four cast wants to battle the Silver Surfer and face off against the X-Men.

Cornell Cottonmouth

Cornell Cottonmouth will reportedly be a villain on Netflix’s Luke Cage.

Comic Book Resources remembers Gambit‘s most facepalm-worthy moments from the comics.

The “Emily Blunt as Ms. Marvel” rumor has resurfaced. Take it with a grain of salt. (Skip to around 33:30 for the pertinent bit.)

The Spider-Gwen artist walks back a comment about not being allowed to create new characters because Marvel doesn’t have the Spidey rights.

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