Will we see Superman in Supergirl? Want a closer look at Batman’s armor from Batman v Superman? Have Aquaman and Wonder Woman been hanging out? Is Tom Holland getting in shape for Spider-Man? Does Ryan Reynolds prefer the Deadpool costume or the Green Lantern one? Why does Tom Hiddleston love playing Loki? Read about all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

Watch an Honest Game Trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight.

Superman will be to Supergirl what the POTUS was to Veepi.e., talked about but never seen.

Ms Marvel costume

This doting dad couldn’t find his daughter a Ms. Marvel costume, so he made her one himself.

Heroes Reborn is getting two video game prequels.

The X-Men pose with a very famous fan.

A modified Nike Air Jordan VI shoe from Batman Returns is up for auction on eBay (via

Batman v Superman armor statue

These intricately detailed Batman v Superman statues offer a new look at the Bat-armor. (Plus, another Superman pic here.)

Disney CEO Bob Iger isn’t worried about Warner Bros. and DC: “We’re Marvel.”

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