Batman v Superman Batmobile

You’ve seen that look at the Batmobile, but do you want to see another? Will there be Wonder Woman toys for Batman v Superman and who is releasing them? Is Will Smith doing his own stunts in Suicide Squad? Which new character may be the Hulk in the comics? Does Jason Momoa approve of James Wan directing Aquaman? What else can you do to help Ron Perlman get Hellboy 3 out there? Did Netflix change the name of AKA Jessica Jones? Read about all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

Wonder Woman director quits

Don’t worry, when Batman v Superman comes out, there will be plenty of Wonder Woman merchandise to go around.

And who will some of those toys be made by? JAKKS Pacific, who signed on to make Batman v Superman toys.

Will Smith was recently seen doing his own stunts on the set of Suicide Squad, in full Deadshot outfit.

Bruce Timm talked to Superhero Hype about Justice League: Gods and Monsters as well as Harley Quinn appearing in Suicide Squad.

Check out the NVIDIA GameWorks Gameplay Trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight.

There’s also a new Batman: Arkham Knight trailer for the Red Hood expansion pack.

The Montreal Canadiens posted this image last week from the set of X-Men Apocalypse. That mansion looks familiar.

Jason Momoa tweeted his approval of James Wan directing Aquaman.

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