Who designed the awesome young Tony Stark above? Want to hear Chris Evans talk about Stan Lee and Captain America 2? What new character has been announced for Batman: Arkham City? Would Megan Fox like to do another comic book movie? Did the reboot of the DC Universe make any un-PC changes to their characters? And can Clark Gregg be serious and funny when being interviewed for The Avengers? Read about all of this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

A visibly exhausted Chris Evans talked to MTV about Stan Lee‘s cameo in The Avengers. No spoilers here, just very tired comments about the awesomeness that is Lee.

This blows my mind. It’s a 3D rendering of a Young Tony Stark by Brazilian artist Fabricio Campos, posted on Cool Vibe. This guy needs an animated job like now.

MTV has some new details on the X-Men cartoon that was announced yesterday to air on G4 in October. Here’s the plot description:

In the series, the X-MEN are reunited following the death of a teammate, and are summoned by Charles Xavier to track down Hisako Ichiki, a missing teenage girl in Northern Japan. There, they encounter the fanatical and anti-mutant group, U-MEN, and discover what was important enough for Xavier to bring them back together. The answer is something that could potentially bridge the gap between mutants and humans, or tear the two species apart forever.

Clark Gregg did an interview with ABC News (via Comic Book Movie) in which he talked Thor, The Avengers, and artfully dodged the reporters attempts to get any kind of scoop.

Thirteen-year-old Evan Bacon has built this awesome life-size LEGO Batman. Head over to MOC Pages (via Nerd Approved) to see process pics and more.

Megan Fox spoke to Collider at the Toronto Film Festival and said she’d love to do another comic book movie:

Yeah. I love comic books. I just do. I think they’re fun movies. Even when they make them into movies and the movies aren’t great – I still think they’re fun and I will watch them every time I go to a hotel. That’s where Brian knows to go right into Action/Adventure and to find the comic book movies. There’s something about that. I don’t think that little kid ever grows up in any of us. It’s just exciting to watch something that you read your whole life come to life – even if they don’t do a great job.

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