Miles Teller Fantastic Four

A new image of Miles Teller in Fantastic Four via USA Today.

Andrew Kriesberg, the EP of Flash and Arrow, said the rumors of the spinoff title being called “The Atom” are incorrect.

TJ Miller says he’s finished filming and they want Deadpool to be a franchise on The Opie and Jimmy Show.

Going to be in the Los Angeles area next Saturday night? An amazing Superhero Soundtracks live performance is going down in San Pedro featuring the music from all your favorite movies and shows.

ScreenSlam found a bunch of behind the scenes B-roll from Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Joker’s Trophy Wall came to life via cosplay and you can buy a print.

Another new clip from Batman vs. Robin, this one featuring Jeremy Sisto as Talon.

Bobby Rubio created the Pixar Avengers.

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