Want to see Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Bacon on the set of R.I.P.D.? How excited is Nestor Carbonell for Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises? What did Rhys Ifans have to wear to become the Lizard on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man? How will Stellan Skarsgard‘s performance change from Thor to The Avengers? And is it a bird or a plane on the set of Man of Steel? Read about all of this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

Yahoo is giving away copies of the Thor Blu-ray signed by Chris Hemsworth. Head to their site to enter.

Wolverine might be indestructible but he’s not a perfect superhero. Thanks to Nerd Approved.

Superhero Hype has a great, in depth interview with Stellan Skarsgard in which they talk Thor, The Avengers and even Thor 2. Here’s one of the highlights:

We shot a lot in the desert and we did a rooftop in New York in the desert outside Albuquerque, so you shoot in the most strange ways. We shot in Albuquerque, we shot in Cleveland and now we’re in New York….I’m flying in and out, a couple of days here, a couple days there. It’s not a big role but it’s pivotal.

Skarsgard also did a good interview with Hollywood.com (this guy seems like a great interview) and said the following about how his performance as Dr. Erik Selvig is different in The Avengers vs. Thor.

I’m under Loki’s spell, which means I can play [him] as weird as I want.

[No photo]

The first set photos from R.I.P.D. featuring star Ryan Reynolds have leaked. Celebuzz has posted a bunch including this one with co-star Kevin Bacon.

According to DC Comics, their Justice League #1 has sold over 200,000 making it the best selling comic book of 2011. Head there to read a bunch of details on the numbers.

The Mayor of Gotham City, Richard Alpert – I mean Nestor Carbonellspoke to MTV about filming his scenes in The Dark Knight Rises. He seems super excited about it. Very cool.

Carbonell also spoke to Collider and confirmed that he still knows nothing about The Dark Knight Rises:

They’ve told me nothing, beyond what I’m reading on the page. But, I got used to that with Lost, and even Dark Knight. I didn’t get a script for Dark Knight Rises, or even Dark Knight. I’m only picking projects now where I’m not allowed to know anything about them. It seems like a pretty good rule of thumb.

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