The Man of Steel Facebook (via CBM) has posted this video of a bunch of images and footage of Metropolis in the film, which is actually just Chicago.

On Friday, we ran some photos and video of Gary Oldman and Christian Bale rehearsing a scene in The Dark Knight Rises. Now Superhero Hype (via CBM) has a description of what exactly happens in that scene. Here’s a small sample with much more spoilery stuff at the above link:

Oldman apparently walks out of the tunnel with his gun, lowers it. Then somehow as a conversation with Bats and pats him on the shoulder. Then they cut.

[No photo]

Comic Book Movie (via SHH) has posted this great photo of the Batwing as well as some other shots from the Los Angeles set of The Dark Knight Rises. If you look close (or at that link) you can see Batman inside.

Stan Lee spoke at Dragon Con (via CBM) about how Joss Whedon is directing The Avengers and also teased about his cameo, which we saw photos of a few columns ago:

I can’t talk about [the cameo], but I can tell you it is a very funny cameo – probably the funniest line that I’ve had to say yet. And I say it to Captain America. You may notice with my cameos, they don’t like me to do my cameo with the stars, because the star doesn’t need that much competition (laughing). But this time Captain America was fierce and went along with it.

Comic Book Movie has some other new set videos from The Dark Knight Rises. The one above shows the Batwing flying under the 6th Street Bridge. The site also has video of Joseph Gordon Levitt and Gary Oldman speaking.

Movieline spoke to Stellan Skargard about his work in Thor and The Avengers and while it’s obvious he has something to do with Loki, thanks to the post-credits scene in Thor, we didn’t know this:

Most of my work is with Jeremy Renner, who plays Hawkeye, and Tom Hiddleston, who plays Loki.

[No photo]

The watermark is annoying but (via CBM) have a bunch of new photos with Christian Bale and his stunt double on the set of The Dark Knight Rises. CBM also posted a video of an explosion on set. Or at least the sound of an explosion, you can’t really see it.

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