When does Kevin Smith‘s comic shop reality TV series premiere? What does Michael Shannon think of all the leaked set photos from Man of Steel? What is the Batwing from The Dark Knight Rises doing in the streets of Los Angeles? How should Captain America: The First Avenger really have ended? And how can Aquaman be the best comic book movie ever made? Did Stellen Skarsgard let a nugget of Avengers info slip in recent interview? Read about all of this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

Ain’t It Cool News does an awesome Behind the Scenes photo column each and every day and, recently, they posted this great shot of Richard Donner on the set of the original Superman.

Kevin Smith confirmed on the Joe Rogan podcast that his comic shop reality TV show Secret Stash will premiere on February 12 on AMC. Thanks to The Daily Blam.

The Thor Blu-ray hits stores Tuesday and Trailer Addict has a bunch of new special features on their site. The one above is about building the small town in the middle of the desert. If you click here, you can see them burn it to the ground.

Collider spoke to Michael Shannon at the Toronto Film Festival and he spoke about his surprise at all the set photos that have come off the Man of Steel set:

It is surprising that people are snapping photos and stuff and then putting them on the internet. For me, it is like, “Why would you want to do that?” It would be like knowing what your Christmas presents were before Christmas morning. It is taking all of the fun out of it. I know it is a long wait. The film isn’t coming out till 2013. I just keep promising everybody that I will talk about this film a lot after this film has come out. I will give you my number and you can call me up. We’ll have a long conversation about it, but for right now I have to zip the lips.

Shannon also told Indiewire that the majority of his shooting in Man of Steel would take place in Vancouver over the next few months.

This has nothing to do with the movie but, if you are excited about the movie, you might be interested to follow this tease Marvel has released for an upcoming series of Avengers comics. Do they get shot? Maybe they team up with the X-Men? Head to Newsarama for educated speculation.

“I can’t have beer, but I can have a fight with Batman.” Tom Hardy spoke to The Daily Mail (via CBM) about his past troubles as well as the excitement of being in The Dark Knight Rises.

If you haven’t seen Captain America: The First Avenger yet, you probably don’t want to watch this. If you have seen the film, have a look at a video from How It Should Have Ended which fixes that disappointing ending.

Lauren Shuler Donner told the Hero Complex she thinks the X-Men: First Class team won’t create any spinoffs:

Well, you never know. At one point we were going to do the Magneto movie, but it was always Magneto and Charles. They’re two sides of each other, although they were raised very differently. Could any others spinoff? I really don’t know. I think this particular strain, this franchise, is going to work as a team.

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