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After a brief Sundance break, the Bits are back! Which other Marvel film has Joss Whedon thought about directing? Is there another character Terry Crews wants to play? Did an Ant-Man Lego set reveal a massive spoiler? Where can you see Agent Carter interacting with Hank Pym? What’s shown in a new preview for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D? How many scenes does Lois Lane have with Batman in Batman v Superman? Read about all this and more in the return of Superhero Bits. 

Lego AvengersGame

A Lego Avengers video game is on the way, via The Brick Fan.

In his latest Reddit AMA, Terry Crews says he wants to play Silver Surfer.

This is so super cool.

A description of an Ant-Man Lego set may have revealed a massive spoiler.

Thor Nerf Hammer

Check out this Nerf Thor Hammer.

Deadpool will most likely be rated PG-13, and that’s okay.

Nova T Shirt

Reed Pop is offering some last chance deals on a ton of super cool Marvel merchandise.

Joss Whedon won’t rule out possibly directing Captain Marvel, but more than likely wants to create his own thing first.

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