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Late last week we posted some photos of The Avengers on the streets of New York (such as above) and that was only the beginning of the action. Here’s what else was going on in that scene and over the rest of the Holiday weekend:

Here’s one of several videos posted on Comic Book Movie of The Avengers scene filmed in Central Park.

Comic Book Movie detailed exactly what’s happening in the scene and, as I surmised, it’s the end of the movie.

Tony Stark has a new car. It’s an Acura that “is a one-off, fictional car that was made just for the movie and will not be produced” according to Auto Blog.

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Loki and Thor hold onto some kind of device that’s surely important in the film in a whole other set of photos from the movie.

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Superhero Hype posted a bunch of photos of a non-Central Park Avengers set being dressed. They surmise this has to do with a crashed Quinjet. (CBM has a few other angles)

SHH also posted a huge gallery of photos from The Avengers Central Park shoot.

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That non-Central Park, possible Quinjet set eventually hosted Captain America, Black Widow and Hawkeye thanks to Just Jared (via CBM). Head there for individual shots and higher res stuff.

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Getty Images nabbed a bunch of shots of Stan Lee on the set of The Avengers over the weekend (thanks to CBM) confirming a cameo having to do with Captain America.

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Here’s an overview of another set of The Avengers in New York thanks to Bleeding Cool.

The Daily Blam has posted a video of the same explosion from the set of The Avengers. You can see this scene, complete with extras running and more, in a few other videos over on Comic Book Movie too.

Finally, Comic Book Movie has an interesting breakdown, including some possible confirmation, that The Avengers could be battling a sea creature called The Leviathan. They were first tipped off when look at this call sheet and this goes with Joss Whedon saying the bad guys will be “something new.”


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