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Does Idris Elba really want out of his Marvel contract? Want to see a 1989 featurette about the Tim Burton Batman movie? How about Kevin Smith interviewing Stan Lee about the history of Marvel Comics? When can you first see the Batkid documentary? Who is the latest actress to throw her hat into the ring to play a Marvel superhero? What happened to the person who was the leading candidate for Supergirl? Read about all this in today’s Superhero Bits.

Perillo batman IG

Be on the lookout for this Dave Perillo Batman for the French Paper Art Club.

Idris Elba told The Daily Beast sloppy journalism is to blame for the rumors he wasn’t happy working with Marvel.

Here’s the Firestorm appearance from tonight‘s episode of The Flash, if you’d like it spoiled.

If you wanted to hear more about the big Flash vs Arrow crossover, there’s a video of the cast and crew talking about it.

Here’s a vintage video featurette about the 1989 Batman. Thanks to 1989Batman via First Showing.

Geoff Johns revealed a Teen Titans pilot will finally shoot next year.

Batkid documentary

The Batkid documentary will have its world premiere at Slamdance.

Clark Gregg told ComicBook he knows lawyers make it impossible, but he wants Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D to cross over with everything.

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