Wolverine Kia

How does Iron Man‘s Arc Reactor work? Was Evangeline Lilly scared to do Ant-Man once Edgar Wright left? What is Jennifer Lawrence‘s favorite superhero movie? Which James Bond actor almost played Batman for Tim Burton? Will Lego do an Avengers Helicarrier set? What’s up with this Wolverine Kia? Read about all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

Arc Reactor

Gizmodo has a great article on how Tony Stark‘s Arc Reactor actually works.

Evangeline Lilly talks about being a bit scared to do Ant-Man after Edgar Wright left.

Alexander Iaccarino‘s awesome Guardians of the Galaxy poster.

Instructions on how to build a Bat Signal Night Lamp.

Wolverine Kia

Check out this custom Wolverine Kia via Comic Book.

There’s more evidence that Lego will release an Ultimate Collectors Series of the Avengers Helicarrier in the near future.

IGN got Jennifer Lawrence to talk about her favorite superhero movie, The Dark Knight.

Read six times that Universal turned their monsters into superheroes, which they are doing agian.

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